fireoutbreak killed mother and four kids in minna

fire outbreak killed a mother and four kids in minna

It was a sad day for the residents of Nkangbe area of Minna Niger State when a woman and her three kids with one-month-old baby, were burnt to death inside their apartment on Tuesday 10 June 2020.

According to a source, the woman cried for help around 11 pm after she realised that the intensity had taken over their home. While some men have made serious attempts to save the woman and her four kids, the jammed door and window burglaries have prevented the men and even the fire service from saving the woman and her four kids.

According to another source, there was a series of attempts to salvage the situation but there was no way to get through to the casualties inside the building. Though one of the residents of the building was rescued through a window at the balcony of the building the rest of the residents were not lucky enough to have been rescued. It was too late when the firemen finally got through into the building as the woman with four kids had been burnt to death.

The spokesman of the Nigeria fire service Niger State released a statement on the unfortunate incidence.expressing his sincerest condolence to the family of the burnt woman and her kids.

He further said that there were four casualties and that the cause of the fire was unknown.

However, the residence of the neighbourhood expresses that the cause of the fire outbreak could be from a generator in the building. Everything in the house was burnt down, with not left in the building.