Last time, I looked at negative space (”empty” space, which can actually give a spacy, yet anything-but-negative-and-empty effect.). Today, its all about poitive space, and filling your frame!!

When taking a photo, we concentrate so intently on the subject that our brain tricks us into thinking the subject is closer than it really is. So when you are taking a photo, take a few steps closer (provided you’re not perilously perched on the edge of the Grand Canyon…).

If you got a penny everytime someone said, or thought, ”Oh, the waterfall seemed so close, and yet in my pictures it was really far away”, lets just say, well, you would be rich!!! Very rich!!!

So step forward, zoom in and eliminate negative space, its all positive here!

When you look at a photo, your eyes scan across it a couple of times, and if there is something that detracts your attention from the main subject, the photo seems less interesting. Therefore, taking just two or three steps closer to your subject can make a huge difference to your photography!

When using a compact camera, be aware of Parallax. This is an effect that causes the final image to be off centre. The viewfinder is not centred directly in front of the lens, so what looks ‘centred’ through the viewfinder may be skewed to the lens. The best way to avoid this is to switch to the LCD, as this shows things from the lens’s perspective.