Fashion and Beauty Tips for Women

Fashion and Beauty Tips for Women

To be fashionable and beautiful can be a very easy task, you just have to follow a few tips. No need to spend great amount of money and time, just pay a little attention.

First of all, you have to wear clothes and accessories that suit your body shape, instead of wearing items just because they are trendy. Let’s not forget about the importance of choosing the right comfortable underwear for the occasion! Make sure it fits you right and follows your curves. You must feel comfortable wearing them. You have to see yourself in the mirror and think: “I’m gorgeous!”. Your skin tone is also very important. Pick colours that do it justice, both in terms of clothing and accessories, but also make up and hair. Always remember that icy and cold colours don’t match well with it and will make you look tired and unhealthy, so try to avoid them. However, Nigerian women are very lucky, because their skin tone matches a wide rage of colours, so it will be easy for you to find one that you like, but that also suits you.

Make up wise, find a foundation that truly matches your skin tone, so to look natural even when wearing it. The rest of the make up is up to you, according to the situation and the kind of look you want to achieve. Hair wise, keep it natural! Don’t die it with shocking and bright colours and, if you really feel like playing around with it, always choose shades that go with your skin tone.

accessories follow the same rule. First of all, you have to feel gorgeous and comfortable wearing them. Moreover, the colour-rule keeps being a must. Accessories are a big part of any women’s outfit, like belts, jewellery and headwear. Of course, when it comes to jewellery, fashion can get really expensive; so instead of going to your down-town jewellery store, you can check pawn shops in your area or on a free classifieds website for quality gems in good shape.

Lets not forget that beauty is not only something that comes with clothes, make up and accessories, but also something that comes from the inside. The first secret to be beautiful and always at your best is a good rest. Rest and relaxation will help your body regenerate, gain energy and look healthier. Take care of your body and your soul. Eat healthy food: lots of vegetables and fruit help your organism to purify and acquire the right kind of nourishment. Also, drink plenty of water, that will purify your body and keep your skin healthy and well-hydrated. Last but not least, keep in shape. Sports and open air activities help your body to stay fit and energetic. It will help you to release stress and gain satisfaction and happiness from the goals you manage to achieve.
So, as you can see, to be fashionable and beautiful is quite an easy task if you put in action a few easy secrets, first among all to love yourself and feel beautiful and fashionable yourself in the first place.