Farouk Olanrewaju Abisoye is a Nigerian actor, script writer and musician , born on Sunday, 13th May, 1984 in Ilesha. He hails from Ede in Osun state, South-West, Nigeria. He was born to the Family of Engr and Mrs Mudathir Abisoye.

Early Life
Farouk had a loving and caring upbringing. He attended Ritlad Nursery and Primary School, Meiran, Lagos and a couple of secondary schools as a result of relocation of his father,this probably contributed to his exposure to the ways of life of various socio-cultural backgrounds.

Farouk Olanrewaju Abisoye

Farouk Olanrewaju Abisoye

After his secondary education, Farouk was admitted to the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, where he studied B.A History/International Relations. He graduated from O.A.U in 2010, after which he went for the compulsory 1 year National Youth Service in Lagos state, Nigeria.

In the same year, he became a fellow of the National Institute of Management (NIM) after the completion of his National Youth Service


Mr Abisoye and ?

Mr Abisoye and ?

Organisation he worked for includes:
Generation Enterprise, Lagos (an NGO)as Business Development Officer.
Top world Ventures, Lagos.
Lynx DNA Laboratory, Lagos as a Marketer.
3M (An electrical, Consulting and Construction company) as Operations Manager.
University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria, as Administrative Assistant.

He is currently the secretary of Resources Managers Co-operative Society, Unilorin.

Farouk Abisoye has unparalleled passion for acting, Movie-writing and Singing. When he is neck-deep in these areas of his passion, food is of no importance to him whenever he is in the spirit of acting. He has on the heels of this passion worked with prominent movie producer and featured in some Nigerian Home Movies, these movies includes:

Arumongale, Oyo Messi, Ite Oba, Omo inu Iroko, to mention but a few.

Acting, Movie-writing, singing and all that has to do with dramatic performance are things that give Farouk the greatest fulfillment in life. Passion for acting, script writing and singing is indeed his driving force. He does not only have passion for acting, scriptwriting and singing, he is also very creative.

His ingenuity and creativity have endeared him to the hearts of discerning people who see the fabulous potential in this promising young man, all these he owe to his boss who taught him for eight years, Yemi Adegunju of Africa.

Other Interesting Stuff
Farouk has a good sense of humour, he has a caring heart, he is an optimist and a goal getter, he goes for the goal, odds on his way, not withstanding. He loves the simple appearance of jeans and T-shirt. He has no particular favorite food, if its tasty its fine by him . He also enjoys field work much more than “formal Office job” that explains why he is such an experienced actor.

His most exciting moment is when he is able to put smiles in the face of someone in need. He also has a strong interest in politics. Farouk Olanrewaju Abisoye is a young man to look out for because he is a fast-emerging star.