Things to consider before getting back with an ex

Things to consider before getting back with an ex

Separation with a lover is disheartening, most especially when a lot of sacrifice was put into the relationship just to make it work. Partners try as much as possible to make their relationship work, so the try to improve communication between them or visit relationship counsellors, as a last resort to show them the right path to take.

Sometimes relationships never just work out as expected and are bound for the rocks so partners just have to call it quits and split. Giving a relationship a second chance comes with an intense magnitude of consideration. The pros and the cons have to be weighed intently before deciding to reconnect with an ex lover.

Maybe its time to be matured , forgiving and reconsider taking the second chance option. There are certain very important factors that should be considered deeply before making decision and they are:

Was Infidelity The Cause Of The Break Up?
Yes, people have the capacity to change but the question there is that would they change for better or worse? Infidelity is a major cause of breakups in relationships. Considering moving back with an ex could be really tricky if that individual is prone to cheating.
You have to carefully consider the odds against the relationship so such infidelity would never repeat itself, if the partner cannot be trusted, never get involved a second time.

Effort Must come from both parties to make the relationship work. A relationship must never be a one sided effort. Partners must both be willing to put an effort and make sacrifices to get back together. The need to communicate and talk about difficult topics that has always been avoided, is very important to avoid a future breakup.

Was Drug Addiction And Alcoholism Involved?
Partners who allow drugs rule over them should endeavour to seek help before involving someone in their personal lives because they could endanger people around them. This is also another major factor of relationship breakups, that should be duly considered before reconnecting with a partner that has a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Forget About The Past And Carry On With The Future:
Learn to let go of past events and see them as the past that can never return. Forgetting major past experiences in not absolutely necessary but forgiving is very important. Focus on a fresh start that is the only way a relationship can strive to get better.

Weigh all the odds against you
Always weigh odds in every factor because both partners must be reuniting for all the right reasons. Make sure nothing would be to be to the relationships disadvantage.

Consider personality traits like violent behaviour of partners which is a turn off in relationships. Violent partners should be avoided at all cost. Never go to a relationship that has more disadvantages than advantages

You must be reuniting for all the right reasons
Before reuniting for a part 2, double check if he/she is willing to respect, trust, be genuine, and willing to make sacrifices for the relationship to work and grow for the better. You both need to show equal commitment as best as possible to enable a natural reconnection. Put the best effort to ensure a natural and healthy relationship willing to stand the test of time.

Most importantly, always be willing to give second chances a trial. Find a new approach to dealing with old habits and be very aware that there are sacrifices involved to enjoy the fruit of a successful relationship.