Nigerian Domain Name Options

Nigerian Domain Name Options

Without a doubt, the most sexy domain name extension in the world is .com , with its popularity goes with the availability of a simple clear domains name that you can use to brand a new business, almost every sensible words and word combination you can image has already been registered or its being sat on by a cyber squatter who demand extortionate price to sell a domain name to you.

If you are a Nigerian business, why scramble for a .com domain name that is not there when you can find a word that best describes your business still available in the SLD name space. I can understand the reason most people used to be reluctant to register a domain names given that for many years the domain was not managed properly and registering it was a big problem. Since NIRA has taken over responsibility for the domain name space, registering a domain name via NIRA accredited organisation has been simplicity itself.

Another reason new businesses tend to go for .com over domain names is the cost. domain name seem to cost about twice what you pay for a .com domains names. If you look at the cost and the fact that you can still find some great sounding domain names in the domain name space, you will come to agree with me that the extra you pay for a domain is worth it.

I recently registered a domain name called Relay , you can imagine my surprise when I found out that the name was available, it goes without saying that I tried .com, .net and other extensions first but the name was already registered.

If you have any questions about registering a domain name or other domain name related issues, you can visit the domain name section of Nigeria forum