Storychest app
Storychest app
Storychest app

It is no doubt that apps and technology played a very significant impact during the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown that took most of the world by storm.

Millions of people particularly the aged who might not be so technologically inclined welcomed tech with open arms for many reasons like

Why was the app widely acceptable?

It was one of the only platforms of communication with loved ones, friends and relatives during the forced lockdown.
It became a tool for getting relevant information and updates on the developments and happenings in the world.

Among the apps that were quite relevant and still are, are Digital Scrapbook App, Storychest. These two apps played significant roles for families to stay connected in a slightly but interesting different way to the instant gratification of a family Zoom call.

These digital apps were interestingly unique in that they answered the need for families to share their personal stories on a much deeper level, something that has proved intriguing and popular since the launch of the app. In fact, for the past few months, the company has experienced a tremendous increase in monthly users by 400% since the lockdown began on 23rd March 2020.

The Founder of Storychest, Charlotte McMillian, created the app due to the innate human need to be experiencing life and day-to-day experience of living with one’s tribes, families and friends.


According to her, “ The ides for Storychest came from my desire to keep stories about my families alive, including stories about my grandmother who was a much loved and central person in our family and my father, a larger than life character who touched the lives of many but who sadly passed away before my children were born. I’ve passed on my grandmother’s recipes to my children through Story Chest and mementoes from my father including postcards he sent me as a child when he and mum went to Europe on a trip.

What led to the birth of Storychest?

The fundamental essence of Storychest was for me to create a way for my family and other families to capture the essence of their personal stories, so I created the Storychest app”, she said.

The platform to share a few family stories, moments, and generational trends are genuinely going to stay for a very long time as it is widely accepted by millions of individuals that have been nurturing the urge of sharing personal stories, ways, and traditions. The app experiencing a massive upsurge in new people downloading the app, particularly women over 55, is a perfect testimony to how people want to share their personal stories uniquely. Existing users have also been keeping CV-19 diaries digitally to preserve their thoughts, feelings and moments of the time for future generations.

A family thing became widely acceptable

Analysing the unprecedented performance of the app so far, Charlottes, said “ I knew from the feedback we received before the lockdown that users appreciated the intimacy of being able to share their personal stories in a private and safe space, but I wasn’t prepared for the huge spike in interest and positive

Charlotte, adds: “I knew from the feedback we had received before lockdown that users appreciated the intimacy of being able to share their personal stories in a private and safe space, but I wasn’t prepared for the huge spike in interest and positive reaction we’ve had from people who have discovered us for the first time. I’m so pleased that our app has been able to make such a positive difference and to help people to stay connected throughout lockdown.”

Storychest plans to continue its outreach to families, especially to those members who are over 65 and vulnerable people to use the platforms as a tool to pass great generational knowledge and live experience to millions of people who could benefit from such wealth of experience and lifetime moments that are worth sharing.

She is also encouraging younger members of families to capture their thoughts at the moment, “Children have such a unique and unaffected lens through which they see the world, and we’re keen for them to reflect on this fundamental time in our modern history.

“ I’m asking my children and friends’ children to capture it in their own words or pictures, as something to look back on as we work towards our ‘new normal’”. Storychest can be used by anyone from the age of 13, and it’s a great way to connect the generations.

Scrapbook app
Scrapbook app

Storychest is currently available on Apple devices and Charlotte and her team are researching funding methods to help with the development of the Android version of the app to make it accessible to a wider audience.
For more information about Storychest, visit or to download the app and receive your first 30 stories for free, go to the App Store to start creating your digital scrapbook.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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