What is Crunchyroll? – Crunchyroll is a website that provides international access to legal streaming of hundreds of anime episodes straight on the Internet. The Crunchyroll application for Android and iOS allows the user to stream the video content directly on the smartphone or tablet.

( The Crunchyroll application’s anime list )

How is the video quality?

Videos are of top notch for a service that provides free video streaming over the Internet. The iOS version of the application knocks off some of the video’s quality if someone is streaming the video content over a slow Wi-Fi connection. Even if the person pauses the video and waits a while, it might take 5-10 minutes before the video switches from poor to high quality. As for the application’s Android version, that feature does not exist. Instead, there is good old buffering.

Application – Android Vs iOS

The iOS version of the application runs smoother than its Android version when navigating through the app. These results were collected after testing the Crunchyroll Android app on a Nexus 7 and the Crunchyroll iOS app on the iPad with Retina display. The iOS app also loaded faster than its Android version.

The Android version of the application still has a couple of bugs that need ironing out, therefore, it should not be a surprise that its iOS version runs smoother. The mobile operating system and the device’s hardware might not be the culprits behind this one.

Is premium membership worth it?

For only $11.95 US per month, the user can get premium membership access to the website directly from the application. The app (on both mobile operating systems) support a member area feature that allows the user to log into his/her Crunchyroll account.

Premium membership has three perks and they are :

  • the ability to watch anime over 3G and 4G.
  • no waiting a week before gaining access to the latest episodes.
  • no advertisements

Are the advertisements annoying?

Crunchyroll inserts advertisements at certain points of each video the website hosts. Ads are also displayed while viewing video content via the mobile app. The iOS application only displays one advertisement per video at the start, while the Android app displays several advertisements – one at the beginning, one at the middle, and another at the end (there might be more).

  • App Name : Crunchyroll
  • Category : Entertainment
  • File Size : 3.1-3.8 MB
  • Rating : 4/5 – good app for streaming anime online, however, it lacks English dub anime.