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A few everyday kitchen items can make good macro photography subjects to produce new and interesting effects.

The unique perspective of close-up macro work can transform everyday objects into artistic wonders. Any commonplace object can be transformed by getting close to it with a macro lens, and the kitchen is the perfect place to start. Look for objects with strong, graphic shapes, such as cutlery, and kitchen utensils. Remember to think small, as a macro lens makes the detail appear larger.


Once you have chosen your subject, there are many creative techniques you can use to add an interesting or unique touch. You can use a small reading lamp to create interesting shadows, all you need is white paper or card to place the utensil on, and a small lamp positioned to one side.


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Reflections are a great way to add interest. All you need to do is place the object on a shiny surface, such as plastic or metal. To capture a good reflection, use a low position, as close to the reflective surface as you can. From this position you need to look out for interference from background objects, using a wide aperture will help combat this. You can also use a piece of black (or indeed white or grey) cloth to combat this, and create a more simple image.

image 4

Adding abstract, out-of-place, or surprising details to an image can also make the image striking or unique.  Take the image below as an example. You would not expect to find ann egg balanced on two fork, therefore the image catches your eye. It is also in monochrome, but the lack of colour does not lower the level of interest. The harsh highlights on one side add to its eye-catching effect.

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