Champions Of Our Time
Champions Of Our Time

This is a Nollywood movie which was produced by Chidi Nwokeabia and
Emeka Enyiocha, and directed by Chidi Nwokeabia. Its star actors and actresses like;

•Segun Arinze as Dr. Donald
•Ngozi Ezeonu as Ronnie
•Joke Sliva as Mrs. Asemota
•Ejike Asiegbu as Man on Wheelchair
•Charles Inojie as Sila
•Treasure Obasi as Sophia
•Feyisola Ewulomi as Sharon
•Paul Adams as Moderator

This movie surrounds the lives of two young , promising and indeed brilliant girls who come from very opposite backgrounds. Sophia played by Treasure Obasi is brilliant but physically challenged, who has only her mother Ronnie played by Ngozi Ezeonu to count on as a comforter. Sharon played by Feyisola Ewulomi is the opposite of Sophia she lives a life of affluence and comfort.

Sophia’s dad left her mother for another woman when she was still little. Sophia is not physically able to do the things like any normal child growing up to explore life would. She is physically challenged and have known sickness for most of her teenage life. Doctor Donald played by Segun Arinze, sees Sophia as a promising academic sound young girl and encourages her to take part in well reputed “St. Flairs Foundation quiz competition” so as to showcase her gift of brilliance.

Her mother is not much of a fan to this idea due to Sophia’s physical vulnerability to the world and their lack of money. She soon agrees to Doctor Donald’s advice. This is going to be a life of challenge to Sophia, as the other contenders for the competition are physically able. This does not deter Sophia from her focus of winning the competition.

There are lots of mental and physical trials for Sophia as no one, even the members of the committee wants to see a physically challenged contestant’s win such a prestigious quiz competition.

How far would Sophia go to ensure that her dreams come through and all goals are achieved? Champions of our time wraps a 155 minutes touching story to viewers showing movie lovers that physical disability play no role in determining the mental capability of the physically challenged.

Sophia’s role is a practical food for thought to viewers as she interpreted her role well and marvelously shining like a star. Champions of Our Time; A touching story on human endeavors.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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