2013 is almost upon us, and with it comes the expectation of lots of new products!

Some technology we want to see…

The 3D market is growing, and come 2013, we may see the release of cameras making a decent attempt at producing ‘real’ 3D. GPS technology is of coure already here, but srains the power, and can be laggy, and imprecise, so hopefully 2013 will bring some improvements there!

Some cameras already have Wi-Fi capability, something that may, and probably will become more widespread throughout 2013, allowing image sharing with the tap of a button.

Touch Screens are not new, some cameras have been seen with thee in 2012, and even 2011, but 2013 may see a spread, and improvement of this.

Voice control? More and more computers and smartphones are responding better and better to voice control, so will 2013 be the year cameras wih voice control are added to the lit? Why not?

Nikon Rumours…

A D300s update is long overdue, and the D7000 is beginning to see the end of it’ day, so replacements are expected. It has been suggested that there may be a fusion of the D7000 and the D300s, to produce a fairly high resolution DX camera (24 mega pixels?) that will act as a ‘stepping stone’ to full frame cameras.

Canon Rumours…

Canon have been taking their time with a high MP brute, maybe 2013 will be the year where they finally produce a camera with resolution to match the Pentax¬†645D’s 40MP?

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