Sachet Water & Bottle Water Production

Sachet Water & Bottle Water Production and Marketing

One of the major problems in Nigeria is unemployment but not lack of opportunities for investment. So many people who have identified the secret of making huge cash through investment in businesses are living large. Thus, it becomes necessary that I open up one of those ways you can make some money as a small time entrepreneur.
I will not go scientific to illustrate importance of water but we all understand that nothing is ever going to live or survive without water. Despite the fact that we have long rainy season, sachet and bottle water has remained good and only source of drinking water, since most lakes and rivers are getting polluted by industrial wastes. Despite the number of water producing companies in various cities, water consumption cannot be replaced with anything else. Every minute and seconds people need water to survive. This is what makes the business a great opportunity for small time entrepreneurs.

With a population of over one hundred and fifty million people, the sachet and bottle water business is quite expanding and very sustainable. The market is more vigorous in the North owing to the hot and harsh weather condition.

The beauty of this market is that its users are all humans and that the raw materials are available. Source of water for production is always readily available. Land, capital, labour and every other factor required for effective production and marketing are readily available and needs someone who has the ability to harness it properly.

It is important to understand that the most essential thing required in sachet or bottle water production is water treatment plant, water filling machine and location for site and raw material itself. However, some of the things needed for table water production are listed below.

Water treatment system: This system uses PLC technique for control and monitor of operations of the entire system. It consists of carbon filter tank, sand filter tank ion exchange tank coupled with the reverse osmosis system.

For automatic washing, filling and capping of bottles, a three-in-one machine has been designed to carry out this function effectively.

One major problem with this industry is that of meeting standard. After the bottles have been filled, the Light Checker is designed to check if state of the finished product meet acceptable standard. Also, the Auto Cap Code Printer is used for printing codes—the batch number and date of production, on the caps

Other machinery required for efficiency in the system include Cap Elevator for enhancement of hygienic operation of the line; Cap Sterilizer for sterilization of the caps before they are loaded in the washing, filling and capping machine; Conveyor, for movement of the bottles from one unit to the next; Labeling machine, for shrinking the producer’s label on the body of the bottle. This machine is always preferable when it comes with steam generator.

Sachet Water -  Clean Refreshing Drink

Sachet Water – Clean Refreshing Drink

The shrinking or wrapping machine helps packaging of the products. Manual machine type is usually cheaper and thus since the idea is on maximization, you will need this type.

I do not mean to bore you with technical details but you really do need the information to get the business started. However, it’s important you understand that return on investment is very remarkable. Importantly, finding has shown that most banks are so eager to fund such projects with loans and those private sponsors are always eager to fund project because they all know the profitability of the market.

Therefore, I will suggest that you swing into action. Seek business opportunity today as a small time entrepreneur and watch your business grow exponentially. What do you need?

Request a feasibility report which will give details of cost/benefit ratio of the business as well as how you can get NAFDAC number, machinery, location and market strategies.

Good Luck.