Burning Tears was written and produced by Nwawulu Arthur, directed by Ifeanyi Ogbonna, and screen play was by Ruth Kadiri.

An impressive compilation of Nollywood stars, staring;

Tonto Dikeh
Mike Ezuruonye
Kalsum Sinare
Kelvin Uvo
Eve Esin
Ani Anatosero
Ruby Orijiakor
Amanda Ebeye

This movie is centered around the rural life, and how desperate people could be just to make quick money. The story’s main character is Amara, played by Tonto Dikeh is totally arrogant and disrespectful towards all the villagers in her vicinity and worse of all she is jobless. She is the black sheep of her family and everybody’s main concern as it is already obvious that such a young girl is already going astray. Her sister Chichi on the other hand, is actually the one with the morals and good ethics, living the life of a humble nurse as everyone admires her attitude.

Amara is dissatisfied with life in the village. She creates an ultimate plan to ensure she makes it in the city as she decides to live with her friend Nkiru played by Amanda Ebeye who is city based. Amara’s plan succeeds but would the city be a bed of roses just as it is being echoed in the village?

Burning Tears
Burning Tears

Things never really happen as planned as Amara is in for the struggle of her life. Nkiru is not living the life as she portrayed herself to be, she is wearing a mask covering her true self, she is a prostitute but with a much more city term “runs girl”. Amara is still consumed by her need for materialism as she must prove to her parents that money can be made in the city in whatever way she can. This would prove to be a dangerous edge.

The actors and actresses played their roles to a marvelous extent by interpreting the realities of the dangers that lurks in the city when an individual is desperate to make it over night. Tonto Dikeh seems to be excellent at interpreting village characters well. Though she was extremely tough and arrogant in the village, the city life totally humble her character “Amara”.

Good movie indeed. The cast and crew did an absolute professional job. Nice movie, comprised of mixed reactions of laughter ,sadness and thrills. A must watch.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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