Bokeh photography features backgrounds that are very out of focus, usually achieved through a very wide aperture (small value) and focusing on a main subject, usually a person or pet, in the foreground.

This is a beautiful effect that can be seen in Christmas photography, where it adds a creative, fine art feel. Beautiful bokeh examples can be viewed here.

Increasing the distance between your subject and your lights, (which will show up as little ”balls”) makes the balls bigger. You can also place your subject behind your light source, however, the lights will partially cover the subject.

Using little ”cut-out” shapes, you can make patterns, such as stars, hearts or even snow flakes! Below is a video tutorial on how to do it…


In general, large apetures are used, but using a small aperture (large number) makes the balls of light change to an angular shape, such as a hexagon (However this depends on how many blades your lens has).

Go out and try it, and enjoy!

You can also cheat with an android app called RealBokeh, it adds fairly realistic bokeh effects, and can be obtained free, with 8 shapes, or for a small fee for 16 shapes.