What is a Bodycon dress?

Bodycon Dresses: what they really are

Bodycon Dresses: what they really are

Popularly known as ‘Bandage Gowns’ in these parts, the Bodycon dress has become a major fashion trend among many ladies and by the looks of it, this trend has come to stay.

The Bodycon dress which is a contraction of the phrase ‘body conscious’ is designed to cling tightly to your body, showcasing your figure, and leaving little to the imagination of your admirers. In essence, wearing a Bodycon dress is a bold statement of self-esteem and body confidence.

A bodycon dress is a one-piece figure hugging garment that clings tightly to the body from the bust to the lower hem and they are made from a blend of polyester and lycra composites, to give them enough elasticity to hug the figure smoothly. These tight fitting dresses are popular as evening wear and dinner gowns, but can also be worn as day wear when correctly and creatively accessorised.

Who is the Bodycon dress best suited for?
It is erroneously thought that Bodycon dresses are worn to make a woman look slimmer and smaller than they really are. This is not true. As stated earlier on, the Bodycon dresses are designed to cling to every curve and bump of the body. This means that it would either reveal every flattering curve you possess or also show to the world your embarrassing lumps, bumps and celluloids! It therefore takes a confident woman to successfully pull the look off. Remember that Bodycon was formed from the phrase ‘Body Conscious’ which implies that you have to be well conscious of your figure when you wear one!

Let’s take a look at the different body types/figures and how appropriate they are for a Bodycon dress.

1. The Hour-Glass Figure:
This is a figure every girl dreams to have! A woman endowed with an hour glass figure has equally generously proportioned hips and chest, and a well defined waist.
The form-fitting nature of the Bodycon dress would emphasise her luscious curves and would be tremendously flattering for her. The Bodycon dress is therefore better suited for the slim and curvaceous woman.

2. The Pear Shaped Figure:
The ‘Pear shaped’ woman has a small chest and a broad hip. This figure is generally not suited to bodycon dresses. The clinging material of the bodycon would emphasise the hip and would make the body look unbalanced or ill-proportioned.

3. The Apple Shaped Figure:
The apple shaped woman has a broad stomach, a broad hip, and no waist definition- giving her the shape of an apple! On this kind of figure, a bodycon dress would make the wearer look round and shapeless.

4. Inverted Triangle Figure:
A Woman with an inverted triangle figure has a large bust, a narrow hip, and no waist definition. This figure is not suited to wear a bodycon dress because it emphasises the triangular shape of the figure and gives the illusion of an extra broad upper body.

How to wear a Bodycon dress:

1. Under wears:
The most important thing to observe when wearing a Bodycon dress is to wear the right underwear! Since the dress is extremely tightly fitted, avoiding visible panty lines is totally vital. Visible panty lines are disastrous, as they draw attention away from the smooth lines of the dress and can making the wearer, and observers, feel uncomfortable. The right bra is another vital choice when considering underwear for a bodycon dress. Always note that backless dresses require a backless bra and strapless dresses require a strapless one. Dresses with a very low and plunging neck line can be paired successfully with a wonder bra or a push up bra.

2. Shapewears:
For those women who might want to feel extra confident while wearing a bodycon dress, a shapewear might be what you need. A Shapewear helps to slim the parts of the body that it covers, and can be used to hide cellulite and all those bumps you might want to hide. Full body shapers fit from the bust to the thighs. Waist cinchers (also known as girdles) help to flatten the stomach, and give additional definition to the waist.

3. Accessories:
It is essential for Bodycon dresses to be accessorised correctly to avoid a fashion disaster! That means you have to take great care in choosing the right shoes or boots, tights, belt, jacket, and jewellery.
When it comes to your shoes however, a pair of stiletto heels will do the magic because nothing screams ‘sophisticated and confident woman’ like a woman in a bodycon dress and stiletto heels!