iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S

Rumor in the tech mill is something that cannot be taken with a pinch of salt. This is still a rumor but if its true, Android is about to take a huge blow. I can almost feel the heartbeat of both Apple and Android fans. I admit, it broke my heart too when i heard it because I myself play for team Android but it is still a rumor.So let me break it quick.

The iPhone 5s may be coming packed with a bio-metric fingerprint scanner. No this is not the fake third party app that was on Nokia s60^3 that you to set how many seconds you touch and hold the screen for it to unlock and made it seem to your friends you had the coolest phone in the world. This is the real deal. Apparently, Apple spent a fortune buying a company, Auten Tec, a company that specializes in fingerprint technology an has multiple patents in the bio-metric space for the mobile phone and tablet. This is of course crucial for Apple so when the re-release the iPhone 5 and add a lowercase “s” as a suffix and maybe more RAM,more ppi to the screen and a couple more miliamps to the battery they can pretend its an all new device and make their faithfuls pay like $1000 for it.

All in all if they manage to pull this off,its going to be revolutionary. It will give them a big front on the stiff market already and it will greatly improve mobile security. Think about it, any well-groomed Robin Hood can figure out your unlock code or unlock pattern. But it will take CIA, MI6 material to device a means to steal your fingerprints. Now cross-reference that with the number of smartphone users that don’t lock their phones because they are too lazy to retype the code every minute and those who will also forget their code frequently. Its genius considering it will take another specie of blonde to forget your own fingerprint.

Well i can only hope that Android has a better or matching trick up its sleeves and i am waiting for the lawsuit that will ensue from this as usual

By Haba Naija Contributor

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