Bingo - Online v traditional bingo hall bingo
Bingo – Online v traditional bingo hall bingo

The Bingo game has been around centuries long. According to records of history, the bingo game began as early as 1530’s in Italy. At those times, the name of the game is not what we are known of because they call it “Beano”, derived from the red dried beans, which are then used in covering the numbers. Consequently, the bingo game was first introduced in the US by Edward Lowe in the 1930’s and it sprung up very popular a few years after.

Before the introduction of Internet, it is not new to hear “bingo” as it is our oldies’ favorite pastime although even the youngsters could play because the game has very easy-to-follow rules and mechanics. It is really loved by all ages because bingo game is not just a fun and enjoyable game, but many would anticipate the jackpot prize. Aside from that, it is one way to socialize and meet new people.

Play anytime at your own comfort
From the time bingo game invaded the internet, playing bingo became accessible to everyone. This is an advantage playing online bingo game. You do not need to go somewhere else and even worry with the time because it is available 24/7. Compared to the traditional live bingo, bingo halls are available in selected areas and perhaps very far from where you are.

Socialize globally
It is no doubt that one of the reasons of going to bingo halls is to meet new friends and socialize. In traditional bingo halls, you get to meet either some old friends or new people because attendees mostly are located from nearby areas. Unlike in online bingo, you may not be in personal contact with bingo players, but you can meet friends from different countries.

Free playing
This is just another advantage of playing bingo online. In traditional bingo halls, you can only play bingo when you have paid your bingo cards and entrance fee. Luckily, for new players of online bingo sites, you are allowed to play for free without strings attached. Moreover, you can receive a welcome bonus for signing up and once you decide to make your first deposit, you can receive another match-up bonus.

Big Winnings
With traditional bingo game, bingo jackpots and other prizes are no doubt big. On the other hand, online bingo sites also offer whopping jackpots and winning prizes. There are sites where you can win cash prize as high as £50,000, shopping spree, makeover, brand new car, holiday vacation, freebies, gadgets and a lot more. No matter how big or small the prizes would be, both traditional bingo game on bingo halls and online bingo is being enjoyed by many.

Side games
Traditional bingo halls are very limited in some areas, while online bingo sites are very numerous. Ever since bingo game was launched online, more and more sites have sprouted like mushrooms and the competition is endless that is why many old bingo sites have undergone some makeovers. More so, in comparison from that old time favorite bingo playing on bingo halls, the fun and excitement do not end from playing bingo alone in online bingo. There are such other fun stuffs to do online such as side games, chat games, scratch cards and more. Absolutely, there will be no dull moment on online bingo.
Indeed, it is undeniable that bingo players decline going to traditional bingo halls nowadays because of the comfort, convenience and accessibility that online bingo offers. It is hassle free, actually.

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