Successful Blogging Tips
This is extremely important. There are hundreds of thousands of websites, great and small, that are likely to be writing about similar subjects to you, and if your website is hard to navigate, readers will find another one!

A top navigation bar where pages such as Home, Site map, About Us, Contact and so on are easily accessible is a must, and a left- or right-sidebar with Categories, or Latest Posts is also helpful.

There is no denying that search boxes are rubbish. They usually fail to find things, especially if using a blogging platform such as WordPress. Despite this, it is still worth having a search box, as people hate browsing, preferring to search instead.

Write Regularly

If you don’t bother to write for 2months, your blog won’t benefit, as no-one will find you, and Google will mark you down for not updating.

You should update regularly, at least once-a-week, if not more often. Updating every couple of days with quality content will do wonders for your site!

Write Quality Content

This cannot be emphasised enough. Quality content is extremely important to ensure the well-being of your site. This is why you should reduce sponsored articles, especially rubbish ones, as, while they benefit your pocket, these have no benefit for your site, and harm it in the long run.

Once you have written an article, read it over, to ensure that it is grammatically correct, and use a spell-checker to ensure you are not publishing an article full of mistakes!

Schedule Your Posts

This is a blogging tip that you may not know. Rather than writing an article on the day you are going to publish it, with blogging platforms like WordPress, you can actually schedule article to be released on a certain day at a certain time, so you can write a large stack of articles over a couple of days, and publish them slowly, so that they last all month!

Don’t overdo It with Adverts

Blogging itself does not directly bring money, so sticking adverts all over your site can seem like a good way to make money. However, adverts are ugly, and irritating, especially if they flash, or move.

I am not saying DON’T I am saying, don’t OVERDO it. So, there is no harm in putting a small ad at the bottom of your web page, but having the bottom, top, and every spare nook and cranny plastered in ads is awkward and unappealing.