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Starting Your Own Fish Farm – Part 2

—–Article written by Adams Odurinde———– You can find part 1 of this article here. Stocking the pond – juvenile fish should be purchased from reputable hatchery as compared to fingerling. Juliennes are more active with better chance of survival that is low mortality. If fingerlings are purchased, effort should be made to sort out the shooters among the stock after feeding regularly for three weeks. If the shooters are not removed, there in tendency for camibalish especially among Clarias species. Feeding – balance fish ration are available in the market on various brand names. Careful selection should be made based on recommendation by local fish farmer or extension agents. Fish should be fed at least two timed in a day. Moring and afternoon. Overfeeding or under feeding should be avoided all the time. When overfed the excess feed remain in the water as pollutants and waste When underfed, the tendency in for malnutrition and stunted growth. Feeding should be balance. Regular feeding of balance ration for six months will keep the fish up to table size of 1kg or above. Water management – as much as possible water in the pond should be free of pollution. The water should be diarized and replaced with at regular intervals to facilitate healthy fish growth. Changer of water should be more frequent in tanks. Harvesting – fish fed regularly as described earlier...

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Fish Farming – Everything you need to get started – Part 1

——Article written by Adams Odurinde——————- This is a branch of aquaculture that deals with the production of fish under intensive management. The fish produce in fish farm are confined and managed in regulated environment. This could be ponds, lakes or concrete or plastic tanks. Aquaculture in the intensive production of water plants and animals. This is in two categories 1, fresh water a) Ponds b) Lanes c) Steams and river d) Concretes plastics or polyester tanks 2, marine or a) sea b) lagoons. For the purpose of this site we are to consider fresh water fish production. Fresh water animals of importance include fishes, shrimps, crabs of all, fish in the most popular. Fish is a popular delicacy on many house hold tables all over the world. More than 70% of fish consumed annually is from the wild fishing or ocean fishing with sophisticate tanagers canoes and boats intensive fish production in supplementary, providing about 30% of the fishes consumed. Fish production – the most common fishes produced under intensive management are the tilapia and clarias species. They are good source of quality protein, essential oil and minerals of high nutritional valve. Farm location – fish farm should be sited where the source of water in constant and regular. Seasonal water in not suitable. The water should be free of pollution and available all year round. Ponds should be...

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Welcome to Haba Naija – Nigerian Forum, Blog, News & Info

A warm welcome to Haba Naija, the Nigerian Forum, blogs, new and information website. We hope to bring you useful stuff ranging from news and information to insightful analysis and of course participation in our discussion forums. For Naija  webmasters, you will find our webmaster section particularly useful, it contains tools, tips and resources that can help you develop and market your website...

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