Author: Marc D

New Features of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

The latest version of Android, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, introduces several new features and improvements to smartphones and tablets powered by the mobile operating system. Although it is not as large of an update as its previous Jelly Bean version, it still offers its users additional new features and improvements. Multiple User Support (available only for tablets) Although some users might find this feature useless, others might think that it is a lifesaver. After updating the tablet’s OS to Android 4.2, a family can share one tablet limiting the expense of purchasing multiple. Each family member can have their own home screen, background, applications, games, and widgets. It is also easy to switch between users on the same tablet, according to Google. Fast, Fluid, and Smooth There is no doubt that Android 4.2 Jelly Bean boosts the device’s speed performance. Swiping between applications and moving between home screens is just like turning a page in a book. Project Butter aims at showing the differences between the speed of Ice Cream Sandwich (left-hand side of video) and Jelly Bean (right-hand side of device). Video credit: Google Mobile. Photo Sphere Camera What are photo spheres? – Photo spheres are 360 degree panoramas. With Android 4.2, users can snap pictures with the new photo sphere camera. After taking the photos, it is also possible to view them on the device, share them...

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Temple Run 2 Now Available For Android and Review

The long awaited port of Imangi Studios’ Temple Run 2 is now available for Android. Starting today, Android smartphone and tablet owners can get themselves a copy of the game at the Google Play store. The game is free to download like its iOS version, however, if you need additional coins without having to worry about collecting them yourself during the gameplay, you can always throw a couple of dollars at the developers Via in-game purchases. That, or you can collect free items for the game such as gems and coins in exchange for liking Temple Run 2’s official FaceBook page or Twitter account. The graphics and animation work of Temple Run 2 is an improvement to its original game, Temple Run. Not only that, but there are a couple of new things that make it different from Temple Run. Besides the new lines that they throw at you when you die, there is a large gorilla (or I just want to believe it is a gorilla rather than a large abnormal monkey) chasing you instead of several hungry monkeys, new obstacles, new achievements, much more power-ups, and new characters with their own special power. Before you can test run the new characters, you will be required to unlock each one for a specified amount of coins. It’s also possible to upgrade a character’s power-ups and abilities by spending...

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