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TOP 10 Football Coach Celebration

10. Former Swindon manager Paolo Di Canio is on the tenth place in our list of the best goal celebrations. His team scored a winning goal on the last minute in a game against Northampton. 9. Newcastle manager Alan Pardew with his celebration is 9th in our list. His team scored the only goal in the game against Fulham on 90+4 min. Alan is a true fan of his team. He celebrated the goal with Newcastle fans. 8. Slaven Bilić with his crazy goal celebration is 8th. On the 21 of November 2007 his national team of Croatia played with England on Wembley and won 3:2. On the video below you can see the celebration of the winning goal by Bilic. 7. Sir Bobby Robson with his celebration in a game against Belgium is 7th in our chart. On 26th of June in last 16 of World Cup 1990 David Platt scored a goal that gave an opportunity to his team to go through. 6. I guess everyone remember a winning goal by Christiano Ronaldo in the Champions League game against Manchester City few month ago. Real Madrid has made a come back after 1:2 and won the game 3:2. Jose Mourinho’s knee slide celebration is 6th. 5. David Platt’s celebration is 5th. His team won the game that helped them to stay in Championship. It was on 14th of...

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WordPress Plugins You Should Have

WordPress is a very powerful open source publishing platform. It is probably the most popular open source publishing platform in the world. Millions of websites are powered by WordPress, including Haba Naija. In this article, we hope to share some of the tips and tricks that has worked very well for us, we hope some of them will help you run an efficient WordPress powered website. Here are some of the plugins you will find extremely useful companion to your WordPress powered site. Akismet. One of the down sides of the popularity of WordPress is the amount of spam and automated comments you articles will get. To save you the time you will put into deleting spam manually, just install and configure Akismet. You don’t need to download it, it comes as part of the WordPress package, you just need to configure it. WP Super Cache. If you want to increase the speed of your posts and pages then you should install this plugin. It works by creating a static HTML version of page or post and update it at an interval you choose. The result will be invisible to you, but site speed load is one of the important SEO ranking factors, it could help you site rank better in search engines and give your readers a much faster user experience. SEO Ultimate. If you use the built-in...

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Even More Tips For Getting Traffic from Google Nigeria – Rich Snippets

SEO is no longer the preserve of secretive alchemist who know closely guarded secrets of how to rank your website high in Google. Since Google has shifted its position of working again SEO to actually encouraging website owners to rank their site better, search engine optimisation has become easier with webmaster who can invest some time into reading the info Google is putting out their reaping the rewards in the form of increased traffic. This post is a follow on from our early post on the basics of ranking high in This article explore how to use rich snippets to make your site stand out from a crowded SERP by using this Google approved technique. The trick of using rich snippets effectively is to target specific queries such as ‘restaurant in Ikeja’, ‘how to cook jollof rice’ and other specific keywords or key phrases. This article shows you a step – by – step guide to enriching your website and enhancing its ranking in Google Nigeria with rich snippets. You need basic knowledge of HTML, you will not be coding in HTML, you just need to be able to identify sections of your web page when view with an HTML editor. You can also use site such as which can help you create very attractive snippet for your site. Breadcrumb can help a user to understand and...

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