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Golf carts enhance golfing experience!

If Golf experts opinion on golf cart is anything to go by, golf is not complete unless a person stroll the program, they refuse to oversee the fact that some people just cannot do without it. There are people who will not play golf unless there is a golf cart. Well, that is just what certain people prefer over playing raw golf. With an increasing interest of people in golf carts, automobile companies have launched a variety of golf carts that are interesting to look at and drive through. Furthermore, the new golf carts can influence people to play...

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Golf Workouts for Women Golfers

These days it is more common to see women players playing golf in almost every part of the world. It is indeed very refreshing to see women playing golf casually. A novice player might have to work out on the swing. There are golf experts who tell that working out the golf workouts will help the player in improving the groundwork of various swings. Especially women trainers who do golf swings should do the golf workouts on a regular basis. These workouts improve the strokes and gives strength to the swing. When one does the downswing for the first...

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C-Grove putters

Early roll means less deflection and a straighter line. By gripping the back of the ball and lifting it forward on impact, the C-Grooves of a Yes putter create almost instant stabilization, causing the ball to roll forward much sooner than any other putter. In fact, as much as six times sooner. The above illustration is a detailed summary of multiple 50′ test putts as conducted by an independent testing firm. Using a putting robot and a 100-frame-per-second video camera, they were able to show how the C-Groove putter dramatically and consistently outperforms the putters of major golf companies. Balls struck with the Yes! C-Grooves invariably achieved forward roll within 3” to 4” while balls struck by competitive putters repeatedly skidded, skipped and spun before settling into forward roll in approximately 18 inches. And the sooner a ball achieves smooth forward roll, the better the line it will have and the less likely it is to be affected by aberrations in the green. In short, more putts will drop in. Even when struck up to a quarter of an inch off center, the C-Groove putter rolls the ball sooner and more consistently. This technology has been proven in thousands of comparison tests performed by professional and amateur golfers at over 100 PGA Tour Events worldwide and at major trade shows in the U.S. and Europe. Read PGA Event Headlines....

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Can you really earn $1 per unique visit on Adult Friend Finder affiliate program?

Adult Friend Finder [AFF] is one of the most well-known adult dating websites today, but what is the secret of their success? Many people think it is their very good affiliate program, it seem to be the most lucrative in the industry,  you can earn $1 for each unique visitor you send to them. At a glance, the offer looks quite good,  but in fact only few people really make such good money with AFF affiliate program. They have 3 different kinds of affiliate program: per-pay click – get paid for each click percentage program per order payout Yes you can earn $1 for each unique visitor but this rule apply only if you maintain at least 1 free member from every 20 unique clicks and at least 1 premium member from every 25 free members. It is the required minimum from AFF administration and if you do not meet the target, you will be automatically moved to Percentage program where, of course, you will not earn the widely promoted  $1per unique visitor opportunity. Do you really believe that at least 1 out of  20 unique traffic you sent to AFF will sign up? more so, are you sure that at least 1 out of 25 free members you sent to them  will upgrade to  premium member. At first glance, the affiliate opportunity promoted by Adult Friend Finder to...

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How To Setup Google Authorship Markup in WordPress

A year ago Google added authorship markup feature into search results. What it means? When you search for something in Google, you can see some results with a small author’s profile photo. For example if you type ‘TOP 10 Football Coach Celebration’ in Google, you will see the first result with my photo in snippet. In this tutorial you will learn how to do that. 1. Create a Google+ page if you don’t have it. 2. Add a photo to your profile. But note that it must be a real photo with the face. 3. Login to your WordPress powered site. 4. Install a WP plugin that will add Google+ field into your profile information. There are few plugins that can do that but not all of them works fine with each template. I used this plugin 5. Go to your Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile. 6. You will see a Google+ filed above the Avatar area. 7. Copy your Goolge+ profile link and paste it into the field. 8. Once you have add the link, you must be able to see the highlited code on your single post page. (NOTE that it must be a code of the post published by you or by the user you’ve made the changes to) 9. Go to your Google+ page and switch to the “About” settings 10. Add the...

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