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How fair is the job application process in Nigeria – Most jobs have chosen candidates before the job is advertised. What do you think?

  Nigeria economic giant of Africa? It is a fact that Nigeria is one of the richest nations in the world, at least in its abundance of natural resources. Indeed it was recorded that in the sixties, without  crude oil, the sub-saharan country was still striving well so much that its erstwhile colonial masters only had to leave due to international pressure that colonialism was becoming unpopular particularly by Britain who had strongly participated in the Second World War and a lead campaigner of the principle of freedom for all.  The discovery of crude oil, and the fortunes that...

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Nigeria to participating in International competition to find solution to plastic pollution

It is a fact  that we live in a diverse and dynamic world. It is also a fact that our planet is composed of about seventy one percent of  water. However, the series of human activities on the planet continues to initiate adverse effect on the planet. About eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year causing immense injuries and death for marine species.   Aside from the fact that plastic affects the oceans and marine species, plastic pollution threatens human health and also affects food quality and safety. Plastic waste ends up in landfills in...

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  Sending a Christmas card via the post contributes the equivalent of 140g of CO2 to the environment. With Christmas being a time of giving, Hope Spring Water charity is encouraging people to instead send an ecard this winter and donate the money they would have spent to charity. The money made will go towards helping to provide remote communities in Africa with access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. Did you know the UK has the most successful greeting card industry in the world? Every year, we send over two billion cards; creating a huge impact on our environment. From the production of the paper to the printing, posting and decomposition of the cards it is a huge contributor to the UK’s CO2 emissions. In fact, sending a billion cards by the post contributes to 140 million tonnes of carbon to our air. In a year where climate change has been so prominent in the news, Hope Spring Water is encouraging Christmas well-wishers to rethink their traditional card giving and instead send an ecard this year. Not only does this significantly reduce your impact on the environment, but by donating the money you would have spent on purchasing and sending the cards to your acquaintances, you will be able to help people who need it most. Ecards are a fun and quick way to wish a Merry Christmas...

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Hazel McCall raises funds for Hope Spring water

Hazel McCall, a member of the Hereford and district branch of Soroptimist International, recently organised a coffee morning and a raffle, to raise funds for Castle Green based water charity, Hope Spring. The 87-year-old was inspired to organise the fundraiser, after hearing Hope Spring trustees Peter Dowsett and Temi Odurinde speak about the work their organisation is doing to help alleviate water poverty in disadvantaged communities in West Africa.  She was particularly impressed with the menstrual hygiene workshop, and other period poverty alleviating outreach programme, Hope Spring organises for women and girls, in the places they work.  Presenting a ceremonial cheque for £200, Hazel McCall said “it is not much, but I hope it helps you to do more good work in Africa”.  Accepting the cheque, Peter Dowsett thanked Ms McCall on behalf of his organisation, and said “every penny of this donation will be used to alleviate poverty.  One of the unique things about Hope Spring water, is that we are volunteer run organisation, we do not pay salaries. so all donations are spent on implementing projects”.  Peter Dowsett went on to urge others to follow the good example set by Hazel McCall by fundraising to support his organisation. He referred them to their fundraising page, where ideas and information on how to fundraise for Hope Spring water can be found.   ...

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Hope Spring Launches Brand New Ecard Collection

Hope Spring Water, a voluntary humanitarian group, recently launched its cat collection ecard for the feline lovers  for easy, fast and improved way to send birthday greetings to families, friends and colleagues. The cost of sending a traditional card can be used as a donation to fund water alleviation projects and awareness workshops in African communities Hope Spring water is a voluntary organisation with the main aim of providing clean safe water for unprivileged communities. It has recorded successes in the last 3 years. In 2016, the group aided about 300 people to access clean, safe drinking water and ran sanitation and hygiene workshops for hundreds of people. In 2019, about 6000 girls have been reached in it’s Pad bank initiative programs and MH workshops in Nigeria. With the aim of encouraging individuals to donate to this ongoing project, Hope Spring introduces eCard – an electronic means through which people can send birthday greetings to their loved ones, and it is totally free. This charity’s eCard replaces the conventional carbon print cards as it is quicker, easier and more entertaining. It saves the cost of sending the traditional birthday cards, and the cost of stamps. At the moment, the group’s focus is on the timid and underdeveloped West African region and the population who suffer the negative impact of contaminated water and poor sanitation. As part of their humanitarian services,...

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