Habits Nigerians Frown On In Public
Habits Nigerians Frown On In Public

It’s important that individuals know how to behave in public. One can never tell who is looking despite the fact that people think that they are not being observed.

Some public manners that could help us in our daily lives, so as not to offend others who might see such habits as repulsive. The society isn’t ours alone to live just they way we want. We must learn to behave as we like within the confines of our home and behave like others when seen in public. This is very necessary so as to be seen as decent and well-mannered. People with proper manners can never be looked down upon by the society and are usually a point of attraction.

Have a good mind-set about yourself, this gives others the zeal to approach you with a well-mannered attitude.

There are basic improper habits that should be avoided when in public and these are:

Table Manners
Never talk while eating. A lot of people ignore this simple social and health rule. Sometimes talking while eating could prove fatal and cause food to be stuck in the nostril, which could develop into a medical emergency. Talking while eating could also create space for food particles to leave the mouth which might not be a comfortable sight for others.
– Ensure that your mouth is closed while chewing food. It’s generally offensive chewing food and displaying food content in the mouth.
– Never fill your glass to the fullest. It is a sign of contentment.
– Never ask for a more food, especially when such meeting is a very formal official gathering.
– Never place your elbow on the table while eating. This is a display of lack of proper table manners.

General Habits
– Scratching and Nose picking in public could offend others. This is a private affair and should be done within the confines of ones home.
– Use a face towel to wipe your face and not a handkerchief.

-Cracking fingers and neck might also not be deemed suitable as a public habit.
– Eating while walking is not a proper public habit, food should be eaten at a spot with absolute ease.
– Never yawn with your mouth ajar. Always close your mouth before yawning or sneezing and always be excused when in the presence of others.
– Spitting in public might also be seen as quiet offensive for a lot of people. Ensure that you find a private spot beyond the sight of others to spit.
– Passing gas in public is absolutely not good public manners.
– Using a public toilet without the necessary cleanup after use is improper manners and a sign of a floppy hygiene.

– Sagging the trousers below the waist line is inappropriate.
– Taking off shoes in public might be seen as irresponsible in some communities.
– Always wear clothes to match, avoid wearing clothes with over 3 colors. Always ensure that the color of belt is the same as the shoe color.

Other improper habits, that might not necessarily be done publicly but should be avoided are;
– Eating late at night; which has a lot of disadvantages health wise.
– Smoking. This is yet another habit that causes numerous health risks.
– Sleeping late at night is another habit that must be curbed. The immune system becomes endangered over time ,and ultimately weakens due to lack of sleep, for those in the constant habit of depriving themselves good sleep
– Wearing headphone always has a real effect on the long run to hearing capabilities, which could cause hearing loss.
– lack of good personal hygiene could also be a turnoff for most individuals.

Proper public manner and hygiene is Indeed important to be able to mingle with others. Ensure good habits and become a point of attraction.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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