Thursday, Archos unveiled a new bluetooth keyboard for iPad. The keyboard has a similar look and feel to the Archos Gen10 XS coverboard and was said to work with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPad tablets.

A new division in Archos that is dedicated to sharing the company’s technologies with other brands created the bluetooth iPad keyboard. “Consumers expect everything to be smaller, faster, thinner, lighter and aesthetically pleasing,” said founder and CEO of Archos, Henri Crohas. “In order to meet this demand we feel that we should share our innovation and design across a number of different platforms.”

( Picture above shows the iPad to the left and Archos’ new¬†bluetooth keyboard to the right )

Features of the bluetooth iPad keyboard :

  • Ultra thin – the keyboard is ultra thin at 5mm (0.2-inches), almost as thin as a Smart Cover. Archos says that it is the thinnest iPad keyboard available.
  • Full QWERTY keyboard – the full QWERTY keyboard allows the user to type easily and use iOS shortcuts without issue.
  • Automatically switch on/off screen functionality – After removing the keyboard or placing it in a cover position, the iPad will turn on or off.
  • Magnetic – the keyboard can be held magnetically to an iPad.
  • Adjustable kickstand – the adjustable kickstand allows the user to adjust the iPad for the best viewing position possible.
  • Aluminum back casing – the keyboard has a stylish aluminum back casing to match the iPad’s design.