The Book

A Decade of Desire

 …A true alpha male sex story, part inspiration, part memoir, part naughty romance…..

About the Author

 After a long management career in the stuffy commercial world of big business, Charles Dyson now spends his life exploring those day dreams which often came to mind while staring out of the office window. Those times are now written into his first book “A Decade of Desire” which describes the erotic experiences of a man whose imaginations are no longer constrained by the rules of ‘The Office’.

The Interview

Question 1: Pitch your books to use  (maximum of 100 words).  

A Decade of Desire chronicles the memoirs of a senior corporate office manager who spends his career longing to engage with the secretaries in his office, when escapes that world he begins on a journey of sexual discovery and romance.

Question 2: What inspired you to write your book?  

Ten years of life enhancing experiences created the journey from which the diaries were written, part imagined, part real world.

Question 3: Who is your book for?

Women in their twenties and through to 50 years, maybe dreamers wishing to experience office role play.

Question 4: What do you hope the book will achieve?

Enjoyment for the reader, some world wide sales, I hope to convert it to spanish and other languages.

Question 5: Where can potential readers buy or download your book?

Also available in paperback

Question 6: Are you a first time author or have you written other books you want to tell us about?  

First time author, self published indie, self edited, requiring two years of effort.

Question 7: Who is/are your favourite authors of all time?

Tolkien, his whole series including The Silmarillion.

Question 8: Writing a book is a significant achievement. Do you have any tips for people who may want to write a book?  

It is a long hard lonely slog, just keep going, hold a self belief in what you are doing, write about what you know or enjoy. Keep re-reading your own words but after leaving some time to settle. Use auto editing tools like prowriting aid, finally re-read a paper copy, i still found minor lexical errors after I first published.

Question 9: Are you working on another project people should look out for in the future?  

Have another ‘conversations’ book in mind, but its a long way off.

Question 10: How can a fan of your work connect with you?