Access to clean safe water is a human right, however millions of people are still deprived of this basic human right. According to the World health organisation, about 63 million Nigerians do not have access to improved drinking water. This deprivation of human right led End water poverty and its members to take action by involving in an advocacy visit to political leaders and state water provider on water rights while sensitizing citizens to take charge of their water rights

Aim of #ClaimYourWaterRightsCampaign
Having realised that a lot of people are marginalised in Nigeria especially when water is concerned. Claim your water right campaign has the main aim of alleviating water poverty by sensitizing the young and marginalised group to claim their water rights. No matter where you come from or what you do, you have the right to demand for safe water because it’s your basic human right.

Hope Spring Water Advocacy Visit
Hope Spring water has been engaging in a lot of campaigns by using media to sensitize Nigerians on their rights to water and sanitation. Giving them the procedures to follow to demand their water rights. Also visiting several state water providers to engage with the state and federal government to include human rights to safe water and sanitation to the state and national water resource bill

Hope Spring water Enugu Claim your water right team paid an advocacy visit to Enugu Ministry of water resources and State water corporation responsible for providing clean water to the citizens. The advocacy meeting was led by the #ClaimYourWaterRights coordinator Temple Oraoki, where the government officials were sensitized on the objectives of Claim your water rights and human rights to water.

The #claimYourWateRights team also visited the Butcher Abattoir Enugu where they explained the water poverty they face especially during the dry season when the two wells they have dry off.

According to the Butcher executive ‘’ the reservoir which should have been a supplementary water source has been abandoned 30 years ago’’

The claim your water rights team will be putting the executives through to demand their water rights and ensure that the facility is reconnected and has a clean water supply.

Campaign success so far

Following the series of meetings and sensitization with Enugu state water cooperation and ministry of water resources officials. Enugu has declared a water emergency and an inter- ministerial committee was set up by the state to revamp the WASH sector. This is a huge advocacy success to Hope Spring Water and claim your water rights teams

The Enugu state water cooperation has commenced reconnection of Abattoir water facilities to access clean safe water.

What it means to people who lack access to water
Water poverty is really intense in Enugu. Children spend a lot of time carrying containers to fetch everyday. Which reduces their productivity. Oftentimes, the well people depend on gets dry during the dry season. Also people have to wake up early to fetch the few water available in the morning. Which is risky for women and children.

Claim your water rights campaign is an eye opener to the people who lack water, having known they can demand for their water rights and claim the rights.

How you can be part of it?
You can be a part of the claim your water rights campaign by volunteering at Hope Spring Water to join the youths using media and advocacy visit to ensure people claim their water rights and state officials responsible for water make water available to people.

To volunteer visit!

Hope Spring Enugu Water Rally to End Water Poverty
This water action month is getting active as Hope Spring in collaboration with partners and key stakeholders will be having a water rally on Friday, 20th March 2020 to create awareness about the claim your water rights and to sensitize the government on the urgency and need to improve water and sanitation for the citizens.

The rally for water will commence at 8:00 am where people will be walking from the polo park mall to the Enugu water cooperation headquarters. The purpose of this rally is to emphasize the right of people to clean water and sanitation. Hence they have the right to demand their water rights.

Over 55 million Nigerians have no access to basic water supply and over 130 million do not have access to decent toilets. It is about time people know that they have the right to demand for this basic human rights. Most sickness in Nigeria is associated with water issues and sanitation problems. Due to this, immediate action must be taken to improve the life and health of people.

Join the claim of your water rights champions on Friday, 20th March 2020 Enugu and amplify your voice. The rally will be terminated at Enugu Water cooperation to show the urgency of the need for water and sanitation.

Claim your Water rights advocacy visit to Zhiyinda community
On Wednesday, March 11 Hope Spring Claim Your Water Rights team visited the Zhiyinda community to sensitize the student on to claim their human rights to water and how to demand for it

Zhiyinda is a home for most displaced persons. LEA primary school was built by the government, which is attended by most of the Internally displaced children of school age

Speaking with the #claim your water right team, the students complained of lack of decent toilets. When they want to answer the call of nature, they go to a nearby bush to defecate openly. The students also don’t have access to clean water, they either fetch from the stream or from home.

The students made their request known to the government by demanding for their water rights

Claim your water media tour
To sensitize citizens on their human rights to water, and to talk on how people can demand and claim their water rights. Hope Spring Water, claim your Water right team will be having a Radio tour. The first radio program took place in Correct FM Enugu on Friday, 13th March 8- 9 pm

Upcoming Hope Spring Claim your water right radio program will be happening at Urban Radio on Wednesday 18th March 6-7pm, Radio Nigeria on Thursday, 19th March 9AM and Urban radio on Friday, 20th March 3pm