A movie that should be rated one of the best igbo movies ever made. Produced and directed by Chinny Ahaneku it stars King Joe Okechukwu, Chinny Ahaneku,
Patience Ozokwor, Nkiru Sylvanus, Sam Loco Efe,Thelma Chukwu, Comfort Bruno.

Alice Amadi Okoye played by Chinny Ahaneku is a well-known figure in her Community and a bad egg of her family. Anywhere she goes,that trouble seeking syndrome follows her. She is not at peace with herself, her family and her entire community. She is a drama queen and knows how to stir up quarrels.

Alice My First Lady

Alice My First Lady

Although she gets married to a man Amadi Okoye played by Joseph Okechukwu who loves her ignoring several advices from his family members not to go through with the wedding.
He ends up regretting his decision because the love of his life turned him into a “house boy”.

Is Alice under some sort of spell? What would be the end of her hate and anger towards everyone. This is the part that gets interesting and for the viewers eyes alone.

Energetic performance by Chinny Ahaneku. Watching this movie is worth viewers time and money. When the part 1 is over, viewers will definitely crave to get part 2 on screen right away.