Nollywood Movie - A wish
Nollywood Movie – A wish

A nice mixture of drama and comedy, properly written to delve into the minds of viewers about the imperfections of relationships, and the perils women go through with life and health issues. The movie was directed and produced by Elvis Chuks and stars;

Ifeoma (Funke Akindele)
Umoh ( Imeh Bishop)
Kemi (Helen Paul)
Melvin (Ik Ogbonna)
Nora (Clara Iweh)
and a lot more veteran movie characters.

This story is a parallel sequence of the lives of two couples, which later sync into one story, as their lives are deeply touched by the drastic breast cancer disease. A disease which has continued to be worrisome to the lives of women.

Umoh played by Imeh Bishop is regarded as a comic personality in his village and is never taken too seriously . He is just a sight for the villager’s merriment. He also has an old-fashioned belief or more like a sexist belief that men are far more superior to women and women exist just to serve men their entire lives.

He has an illiterate wife Kemi played by Helen Paul. She can’t really be called a wife because Umoh hasn’t paid her bride price yet but they stay together under one roof. Kemi is quite a personality. She is known to take make up too far just to be beautiful and feel good about herself.
Melvin (Ik Ogbonna) on the other side of the story, is in a relationship with Ifeoma played by Funke Akindele. Ifeoma is more like the bread winner in the relationship while Melvin is still on the hunt for a job. Ifeoma is a very encouraging partner she leads Melvin on and supports him despite his jobless state. Melvin finally gets a job and his love for Ifeoma shifts immediately to his colleague at his office, Nora played by Clara Iweh.

Kemi and Ifeoma are both diagnosed with breast cancer. The story takes a sad twist. What happens along the line from both women of separate unique lives? Only viewers who wish to be a part of this touching story can find out.

The characters were well interpreted. Funke Akindele and Helen Paul exhibited nice and interesting display of talent. All the characters did a marvelous job. The movie’s quality picture could not be ignored.Good technicality for a Nigerian movie. This movie passes a strong message about the challenges women face with the dreaded disease called breast cancer.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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