Outlook.com Homepage
Outlook.com Homepage

Microsoft has launched a new free modern cloud email service called outlook.com, a preview of this service was released last year and the company claim they recorded around 60million users within 6months. And Within just 12 hours of Outlook.com’s launch on Monday night, Microsoft signed up 1.5 million new users.

Users of Outlook have praised the inbox experience, it automatically categorises newsletters for you so it would be easy to find, and if you no longer are interested in receiving certain mails just click on unsubscribe in the email and outlook would take care of the rest.

Outlook inbox has this sweep function that helps you get rid of unwanted mails, all you need to do is set the Sweep to schedule, you can also give it rules to reject some mails from certain senders so they won’t even get into your inbox.

Outlook automatically categorises newsletters, social updates, and photos for you, but you can also create categories for different types of mail, groups of people, dates, subject lines, etc.. Its all your choice!

Connection to Facebook and twitter is also automatic, you can connect with your contacts and see updates and Tweets right from your inbox.

On outlook.com you can easily share pictures with friends so they can easily download them all you need do is upload your photos to your SkyDrive. With the integration of skyDrive you can save and share large files of about 7GB. It also comes with comes with free Word, Excel, and PowerPoint web apps built-in.

There are already talks of an Outlook.com mobile app, but this is still months from release.

And for current users of hotmail, outlook comes with automatic upgrade for you. The director of product management Davia Law says the upgrade is easy and instant and that everything from email address, password, messages, folders, contacts, rules, vacation replies, etc. Would stay the same.

Gmail was arguably still the king of free email, but Outlook.com is definitely here to take its crown.

Need an outlook account? Signing up is easy, just follow this link » https://www.signup.live.com/signup.aspx?cbcxt=mail&wreply=http:%2F%2Fmail.live.com&id=64855&lic=1

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  1. One of the things I dislike with most Microsoft product is always the crazily long url and non straight forward ways to sign up. You would expect to sign up to use Outlook at Outlook.com and not the horrible looking url like the one given below.

    Nice post Bubemi, well done.

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