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Full title: A Decade of Desire: Erotic Tales from the Charlie Doyle Dairies

Genre: Erotic Literature, Erotica, Fiction

Author: Charles Dyson

Language: English

Publisher: Best Decade Publishing; 2nd edition

Publication date: March 28, 2021

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Book summary:  “A Decade of Desire” narrates the erotic experiences of a man whose imaginations are no longer constrained by the rules of the “The Office”. Charles’ intimacy with the wife he was happily married to faded away after the wife was diagnosed with serious illness. Perhaps to fill this hole in his life, he resorted to exploring new fantasies.The book describes Charles’ multiple romantic relationships over this  period to satisfy his sexual needs.  



Reader reviews  

…immensely entertain the reader….

By Grady Harp,

Amazon’s Hall Of Fame Top 100 Reviewer

Short stories such as these provide escapisms into traveling the Internet for encounters and dalliances we, seriously, all envy, if only out of curiosity rather than need…or both. Dyson makes it all seem real and available, and his responses to the varying situations described move out of the purely sensationalism of the themes into the arena of fine writing. This is the work of an author who deserves attention, even as he completely entertains us with his naughty tales!


Classy Yet Naughty….

By Jessica

Really enjoyed Charlie’s memoirs, it gave a more personal connection to the character, rather than just reading a story, it felt like the story was being told to me by Charlie himself. It’s an easy book to get lost in, not so easy to put down!

Having briefly delved into the world of online dating myself, an experience I think many women would be keen not to repeat, I found it really interesting and captivating to gain insight into what it’s like for guys in the same situation – or at least the genuine ones.

This book is classy yet naughty too. I really enjoyed the level of detail…there was just enough to excite the reader and let your imagination do the rest of the work but not so much that it became seedy or tacky or too far-fetched.


Thoroughly enjoyed!

By Morgan

Solitude gives a chance of exploring new things. The book is about the lonely Charles who seeks partners for pleasure. This opens up a brand-new theme that I never read before, and the presentation is steamy and will get you to extreme sensuality.

If you are searching for dominant, role plays, kink, and variety; Charles’s diary will fulfill your needs. The costumes, arrangements, and scenes will direct you to have your own experience.