St Patrick's Day in Nigeria

St Patrick’s Day in Nigeria

















St Patrick’s day is a big holiday in Ireland, It is the celebration of the nation’s patron saint. But do you know that the same Saint Patrick, is the patron saint of Nigeria? Celebrating St Patrick’s day in Nigeria, is incomplete, without a tour of several pubs and drinking joints. Beer, especially Guinness is consumed in copious quantity, accompanied by Isi ewu soup.

St Patric’s day celebration in Ireland is not dissimilar to the way it is celebrated in Nigeria, perhaps the Irish do not accompany their pint of Guinness with Isi ewu. Here is other information worth knowing about St Patrick’s day celebration in Nigeria.

1. St Patrick is celebrated on March 17 every year

St Patrick’s Day celebration is held every March 17 every year. It was originally a religious feast day (the “Feast of Saint Patrick”). Over the years, it has evolved to become a celebration of Irish heritage and culture. It is celebrated with festivals, parades, and dancing by the Irish diaspora in many countries around the world. It is a culture to wear green clothing or accessories during the celebration. The green colour is a colour most associated with Ireland.

2. Irish bishops pronounced St Patrick, patron saint of Nigeria

Ireland was said to open an embassy in Lagos. That same year, Irish bishops named St Patrick the patron saint of Nigeria.

3. About 2 million Nigerian celebrate St Patric’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is not a public holiday in Nigeria. But the day is celebrated by about two million Nigerians.

4. Nigeria and Ireland are the two largest drinkers of Guinness in the world

Perhaps it is a coincidence, perhaps not. The two largest consumers of Guinness in the world are the two nations that have St Patrick as it’s patron saint; Ireland and Nigeria. A recent survey shows that nearly 5 million people drink Guinness extra stout in Nigeria.

5. Many Nigeria Catholic churches celebrate St Patrick’s Day

A significant number of catholics churches in Nigeria celebrate St Patric’s day with rallies.

6. Many Nigerians organise a free Guinness stout party on St Patrick’s day

7. Nigeria streets go green on every St Patrick’s Day celebration

8. On St Patrick’s day, everyone merry and drinks together regardless of religion