effect of COVID-19 on the society
effect of COVID-19 on the society
effect of COVID-19 on the society

While it is a fact that the entire world might never be the same again due to the devastating effect of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. It is indeed essential to l critically review both the positive and negative effects of COVID-19 on society at large.

Although some social analysts have inferred that the impact of the recent devastating virus could be on the way millions of people behave in the future.

It is indeed a fact that with the recent figure in the number of victims of the pandemic, Coronavirus is arguably the biggest challenge that has faced humanity over the last two decades.

Beyond the unfortunate human consequence and health hazard of COVID-19, it is also important to review and analyze the societal effect of the pandemic to understand if our world will ever be the same again.

One fundamental question one might ask is if the world will ever be the same again when all this is over?

While it is a bitter fact that the world will never be the same again ! at least some things will definitely change,

The world will bring in a new style of the working system, corporate offices will prefer to work or function through online offices or platforms.

Indeed the outcome of this pandemic may be a dawn of a new era.

The current situation of what the society and even the nation are facing has brought a great panic to the world as a whole thereby shaking the people inside it with fear and confusion. The virus has caused a lot of damage in the society, people no longer have rest of mind concerning the case of the virus because they don’t know who has the virus ( it is not written on the forehead), when it is contacted and where they can contact it.

Here are some of the effects of COVID-19 on the society 

  1. Online offices might be a new thing.

As places, lockdown, businesses, and transactions on hold, the world being on total lockdown, many local and international organizations will encourage a virtual system of working online. A lot of people will be operating from their various homes.

  1. Many might die of hunger.

The total lockdown in the society in which people are not allowed to go out and open shops, in order to sell goods and services is causing starvation. Before the lockdown there are people who barely eat 3 square meals per day, with this lockdown things might be difficult for such people.

Although the lockdown is to protect the people from the virus, such people are starving every day,the government should do something about this.

  1. Restriction on transportation.

Commercial cars and vehicles are not allowed to move and the ones that disobeyed are being flogged or beaten by the police and soldiers or even asked to do some exercise like frog jump not only that, their cars and bicycles are ceased for that period. Although the people disobeyed, they shouldn’t be flogged, since they are looking for a way to survive when they had nothing to eat, there should be a better way to handle this, rather than beating them because flogging can’t be the solution.

Though the government is doing its best to improve good health for the people of their community, state or country, they should continue their research.

  1. Restricted marketing activities.

Since transportation is being restricted, there is no way that marketers will be able to get transport to their place of work, even the ones that have shops near them are still being restricted not to sell their goods and services; thereby causing spoilage of their goods.
Though some food sellers are being allowed by the government to sell their foods at some certain days to some particular time, the marketers are not selling because the people didn’t go out to eat, due to the fear of contracting the virus.

  1. Slow down in school curriculum.

Schools are being closed down for a limited time, simply because of the virus. Some students are not privileged to finish their exams, while some haven’t started at all when the lockdown was declared.

For their safety, their resumption dates were postponed to further notice which leads to drawbacks in their various courses and school curriculum. Something should be done to tackle the virus because” Education and character is the best legacy given to a child”.

  1. Wearing uncomfortable face mask.

Since wearing a face mask is to protect them, people have no choice but to wear it, to avoid contracting the virus, thereby dis-comforting them.

  1. Deaths.

Apart from the virus likely to kill the infected ones. When people don’t have food to eat, they begin to starve, because they don’t have money and they are not allowed to work as a result of the total lockdown. Things like this shouldn’t continue to avoid people dying of hunger.

If nothing is done concerning all the 7 facts mentioned above, to survive it might be difficult for some low-class people.

In Conclusion

We really appreciate the effort of our government in putting an end to the virus.

But despite the causes of the COVID-19 people should be allowed to work in their different places and offices, only that they must ensure to follow the safety rules on how to prevent the virus being given to them by the health practitioners.

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  1. Nigeria🇳🇬 federal government should continue because I believe me I will everything will be okay one day
    But I will rather be praying for the youth to get their and do great things in life
    So that Nigeria can be a better place

  2. I believe one day,
    Everything will be okay 👌
    Nigeria will turn to a place for better people,
    I will be part of people to make Nigeria a better place.
    It is better for a man to be fool for once than to be fool forever.

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