6 things you must do for a healthy living
6 things you must do for a healthy living
6 things you must do for a healthy living

The World Health Organization ( WHO) in 1976 gave the most widely acceptable definition of Health as the state of a complete physical, mental, social and emotional well being of a person. It is the absence of disease and deformity in the body.

Generally, most people’s perception about the word “Health” reflects their individual understanding, community expectations, social, economic and personal contest.

Many people especially” Nigerians” believe that the moment a person is free from diseases or disabilities, that person is having good health. This could be wrong, as good health transcends physical well-being, it involves mental, social and emotional well being of a person.
That is, a person can be physically healthy, yet unhealthy emotionally.

Every human being is required to take proper care of their body, maintain good and personal hygiene.

Good health means that every organ in the body functions well. Which inturn results in a long life.

That is :

  • regulation of blood sugar in the body.
  • regulation of protein and
  • storage of blood in the body system.

Healthy living can be interpreted to the following :

  • The physical well being as to do with absence of injuries in a person’s body.
  • The mental well being is the absence of stress and anxiety in the body.
  • The social well being is the love for families, friends and colleagues, it involves showing good behavior in public places and respect for elders and people around you.
  • The emotional well being of a person has to do with individual rest and peace of mind, in order to function effectively in society.

While it is a well known fact that a good and sound body is necessary for a sound mind; and unresolved emotional problems will result in physical problems. Hence, people should take good care of their body because physical and mental health are necessary for social well being.

Here are some 6 requirement needed for a good and healthy living

1. Avoid stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety weakens the body immune system,thereby making the body not to function the way it ought to. Avoid being stressed out and avoid anything that will make their mind not to be at rest.

2. Eat healthy food.

A healthy diet that is rich in nutrients, especially B Vitamins, antioxidants, and health fats, will help to nurture your brain and balance the neurotransmitters that regulate your mood. Also, it has been argued that certain strains of probiotics may even help with mild depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. Hence, ensure to eat organic fruits like Orange,Banana, Pineapple,Mango, Pawpaw,Cashew,Grape, strawberry,e.t.c . Not only fruits but also healthy food.

3. Exercise Regularly.

Regular exercise is one of the major requirements of healthy living. Exercise helps to strengthen your heart and improves blood circulation. It also helps to lower your risk of heart diseases such as high cholesterol, heart attack and coronary artery disease. Regular exercise helps to lower your blood pressure. It also helps to reduce fatness in the body and also helps to straighten the bones in the body.

4. Drink plenty of water regularly.
The human body is composed of 60% of water, and our blood is composed of 90% of water. Though there is no universally agreed quantity of water that is required to be consumed daily, recent medical research has proved that water is essential for the body to function perfectly. Drinking water helps to treat Kidney stones, weight loss, reduce cancer, helps to build skin health and beauty, regulate body temperature.

5. Good Rest.
Human beings need to rest. Rest helps to increase productivity, boost your immune system and helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.

6. Personal hygiene and environment cleaning.

It is most certain that anyone that practises personal hygiene stands a chance to experience a healthy living.

While we are busy trying to get a better life, we should not get too busy trying to make a life, and forget to make a living. A good and healthy living is one of the things that gives vitality to life. Therefore, one should endeavor to live a healthy life.