Working on a computer that takes forever to buffer can be very frustrating. It gets even more disturbing when there are so many things to do on your schedule. In addition, a slow page that takes forever to boot is not helpful to your business as most customers do not have the patience to wait for a snail speed site to load. In light of this,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 ways you can boost the speed of your Web page.

 Compress large files

Many websites devise creative ways to improve the ranking of their website through Search Engine Optimization practices which involves the use of videos, and shareable media-twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in order to have mileage but this additional content can reduce speed. The more the presence of these large files, the slower your system. So try to compress your larger pages to take up less space while attempting to boost your ranking on Google.

Use Browser cache

Cache stores data so that future data requests can be served faster. Turning on the browser cache will save the relevant data on a hard drive which results in faster load time when the visitor comes back. Many geeks fail to use this tool and this leads to slow booting periods. However, be careful when using caches as hackers can use to have unauthorised access to your email and other sensitive sites you visit.

Remove unnecessary plugins

If you are using WordPress, running more than one plug contributes substantially to a slow page speed. Therefore, only use plugins if you absolutely need one.

Inline image 2Review your hosting plan

Sometimes unreliable hosting providers can have a negative effect on your site speed.  Most hosting companies ensure that their services are top-notch but sometimes their servers are down. If you receive the daily complaints about your web page being slow, perhaps it is time to change your service provider. This is important for companies whose website experience substantial traffic.

Image size

An oversized image takes longer to load. The rule of thumb is to use crisp pictures that are not too large to increase page speed.