There is nothing free even in the city of Freetown in Sierra Leone. It is even worse when you are in Lagos where commuters are hustling and scampering for their survival. The survival of the fittest. Hence, it is extremely difficult to get anything free besides religious flyers. When you also consider the economic recession, you will shelve the idea of getting anything free.

So, it may be near impossible for anyone to navigate Lagos for free. Despite this, there are other ways you can travel without breaking the bank. Jumia Travel shares some tricks to help you achieve this. Thank us later. 🙂  

Never miss your neighbour’s car in the morning

This is perhaps the easiest way to move around the centre of excellence for free. If your neighbour, friend or colleague at work leave home at 5am, you should be at his house waiting at that time. While some friends will call you when leaving others will not. Don’t miss the ride especially if you route is the same. You can also do the same when you are returning from wherever you went to.

Take BRT buses

BRT buses are nearly in all nooks and crannies of Lagos. They are relatively cheap and affordable. Unlike the yellow menace called danfos that increases fares indiscriminately, the BRT buses always maintain their fares because it is run by the government. Interestingly, during the festive period, you can board BRT for free.

Find accommodation close to your workplace

Try as much as possible to stay close to your workplace. This is because if you are able to cut or reduce transport cost, you will save a lot of money. So, search for a friend, colleague or family member to stay with.


Travel via train

If the government can develop other means of transport especially train and water, you will almost travel for free. By the way, a train in Lagos is another perfect way to travel for free if you can survive the crowd. Most times, the train is always filled out but if you are boarding the train, you may not pay a dime!

Buy your own car

Buying your own car is the simplest way to travel for free without stress. However, if you can’t afford to buy a car now, you should be willing to spend money on your daily transport to navigate Lagos. It can be via Uber, danfo or taxis.