1. Lemonade Finance Money Transfer App

Lemonade Finance Currency Transfer App

Lemonade Finance Currency Transfer App

Advertised as a money transfer app for the African diaspora. Kent, England based Lemonade Finance money transfer app offers one of the best GBP to Naira exchange rates on the day of writing this piece. You can also use the app to receive GBP and other currencies from Nigeria. What is remarkable about this app is that Naira is actually credited into the recipient bank account, as opposed to USD, which for some reason the Nigerian government wanted money sent to Nigeria paid in.
Lemonade finance money transfer app seems to have a growing number of African countries on its list. The current countries it serves include Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

2. Western Union Money Transfer App

Western Union is a giant, if not the giant of personal money transfers. Their reach through their agents is probably the largest in the world. The power of their extensive network is now available on their money transfer app. When you compare their exchange rates with that of smaller and newer apps, it is not the best. They are however a global player. The people you send money to can find a western union agent in the most remote locations in Nigeria. The sheer reach of Western Union money transfer app give them advantages almost none of their competitors can match.

3. Wise Money Transfer App

When transferring money, you look for the best exchange rates. You also need to ensure you use a safe, reliable platform. So, exchange rates are not the only factor. Wise consider their exchange rate to be fair, however when you compare it with some of the competition, you may get a better exchange rate.
They are however one of the most reliable, safe, secure money transfer apps you can find. They move over £9 billion, around more than 175 countries for their clients every year.
Wise is indeed a worthwhile money transfer app to consider, when sending money from almost anywhere in the world to Nigeria.

4. Remitly money transfer app

With over 5 million users, Remitly is one of the biggest players when it comes to sending money around the world. You can download their money transfer app from any of the popular mobile platforms and of course, you can use their services online via the web. They have competitive exchange rates when sending money from anywhere in the world to Nigeria. They have a feature called Mobile money. When you send mobile money to Nigeria from their platform, at the time of writing this, they don’t charge any fees.
Remitly, money remittance app is certainly worth giving a try next time you want to send money to Nigeria.

5. World Remit Money Transfer App

Another significant player in money transfer to Nigeria and other parts of the world. World Remit has over 8 million users. A raft of 3rd party certification including a 4.1 stars on Trustpilot. Their exchange rates can be described as competitive, when cash is what you want the receiver to receive. They also have an interesting option which is to top up airtime for the person you are sending money, or should it be mobile airtime to.

5 of The Best Naira to USD, GBP Euro Foreign Exchange Transfer App in 2023

Best Naira to USD, GBP Euro Foreign Exchange Transfer App

Best Naira to USD, GBP Euro Foreign Exchange Transfer App

Do you want to use Naira to buy USD, GBP, Euro or other currency? Perhaps you want to send GBP, USD, Euro to Nigeria, for the recipient to be paid in Naira, you may find one of the 5 money transfer apps and websites below useful.

What tends to be uppermost on your mind, when sending money internationally is the exchange rate. Different foreign exchange providers use different exchange rates. Some foreign exchange apps and platforms are known for providing a more favourable exchange rate to their customers than others.

The apps and platforms featured in this post are partly chosen because they provide a fair Naira to GBP, USD and Euro exchange rates to their customers.