Entrepreneurs are very busy. They are always on the go and will no doubt welcome and appreciate creative ways to save time. Not to worry, technology is the perfect tool to save time. So, instead of wasting time on a particular task, you can use these timesaving methods with technology shared by Jumia Travel to help you save time.

E-mail/Instant Messaging

Communicating with clients have been made easy as you can use either emails or instant messaging services like WhatsApp or BBM. Use email for formal communication with not very familiar clients while instant messaging can be used for your regular customer or marketing.


With your hard earned money, you should buy a computer that can run software you will understand especially the ones related to your job. If you buy one that can’t read software it will take time before you can decode it. And in addition to this, you may even need to buy another software or contact their customer care.


Smartphones can do many things for entrepreneurs. It can remind them of their next meetings, help you find client information, track tasks and record other relevant information to run your business daily.


The World Wide Web

Are you searching for any information? You can just Google it! This is why every entrepreneur needs high-speed internet for their phone as well as in their office. Besides Googling, you can save all your data on cloud service rather on your hard drive.

Video conferencing

With video conferencing, you can save time and money on flights, hotel and other travel logistics. Rather than doing this, you can set virtual meetings with your clients.