A slow computer can be very frustrating because it may result in unnecessary delays. Most of this delays may be traced to the user and the way they use their desktops. But if you want to make your computer run faster, you need to embrace some simple habits that will make this possible. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking points you to four habits permanently put an end to slow computers.

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Delete temporary files  

If you are always online, there is a possibility that your computer will be flooded with temporary files. This usually happens when a website is loading. This can make your system run at snail speed. You have to delete these files using disk cleanup because if you do not, the files will be stored in your computer.

Adjust Your Graphical user interface

This is by far the easiest and simplest method to speed up your computer which is optimizing your Graphical User Interface (GUI) for best performance. In Windows 10 open the File Explorer, right click this computer and go to  properties, advanced system settings, advanced tab, performance  and click OK.


Change up your Startup

If your system takes forever to  startup, it means there are certain programs that are initiating when you first turn on your device. You need to stop these programs. You do this by selecting the startup tab where you will find a list of startup menus. You can end some of the tasks that are irrelevant. This will accelerate your computer‘s wake up time.

Use windows defender

Viruses seize every opportunity to take over your system. Aside from, harming your computer, it will make it super slow. You have to install anti-virus and in other cases, you have to format your system. You will lose important documents if you format it. To prevent this, you have to install antivirus. One very reliable anti-virus you can use is  the Microsoft Windows  defender.