If you want to improve your YouTube channel? But, you have no idea what you do, what’s the process. We will help you to enhance your brand on the best platform.

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1. Optimize Your Videos with Effective Keywords

A perfect YouTube channel begins with a great SEO technique. A great SEO easily understands the queries that the audience is searching for.

YouTube is the second largest search engine platform after Google. And now, Google gives importance to the video and other content for many searches. Using effective keywords is the best strategy to promote your videos. There is no specific rule for which keywords will help your YouTube video rank well.

If you have a small channel, it’s a little bit tough to get your videos’ rank. Use the perfect tools for keywords research and bring hundreds of high volume keywords within seconds.

2. Use Short Titles for Your Content

Titles are the best ways to grasp the audience since the viewers enter the channel, the first eyesight goes to the YouTube Title. Hence, your title must be catchy and informative.

Here are the few tips to strengthen your title:

  • The most popular YouTube titles are all shortest titles. Maximum 60 characters are sufficient for your title. (less than 60 also good)
  • Add keywords at the beginning of your title to avoid valuable information because maximum users read the starting words and skip the rest.

3. YouTube Description

YouTube description helps the users to read on what’s your page, what you do, etc. This part completely describes your action on your channel. You can utilize the section and give the good text content of your page.

Adding 2-3 keywords also gives the extra strength to your videos. Avoid too much lengthy content on the description. Allow 5000 characters limits for the video description because the first few words appear in the SERP pages.

4. Create Thumbnails for Your Videos

Thumbnails are very important, even the titles. Because our eyes quickly notice the eye-catchy images. According to the MIT study, the users notice images within 13 milliseconds when entered on the YouTube channel.

YouTube offers an automatic thumbnail for the videos, but the images are low quality and blurry. You have an option to customize your thumbnail, so create your thumbnail for each post and increase views and likes of your channel.

5. Complete Your YouTube Profile

Most of YouTuber’s mistakes are skipping their own profile details. It’s not a professional one when the audience sees your profile that is incomplete. Building your profile is the most relaxed way to improve your YouTube channel and create trust among the audience.

Don’t copy the other YouTube profile; you should create a unique style for your YouTube. Add your content information to the below profile. It’s the easiest way the audience easily content you for their requirements.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

6. Use Your Channel’s Built-In Promotion

Individual branding promotion to improve your channel is a secure way of success. YouTube offers to every channel for free video promotion ways.

  • YouTube End Screens: These are the best way to attribute other videos from your channel and improve your likes and subscribers count.
  • Cards: YouTube cards are less powerful compared to End Screens. But they are an effective way to send people to a few of your best content.

7. Use Metadata

YouTube metadata guidelines highlighted the two important things about the metadata.

There is honesty & quality over quantity. These two rules are that you must follow when you upload the videos on your channel. An additional advantage of the metadata is that you can edit them after posting the videos. Also, use the tags and categories; it helps your video popular and ranks well.

8. Build High-Quality Videos

Making content doesn’t matter! But the quality of content matters. Therefore, creating effective content is more critical and looks professional before you have posted it on the channel.

Use high-quality equipment while shooting the videos, and check the sound quality before recording and the more important is that add few editing on the background. If you miss any one of these, the audience never liked your videos. Make sure to check everything before uploads.

9. Interact with your Audience

Real work on content doesn’t end with creation. The most successful YouTubers continuously measure video performance and interact with their audience via replying to the comments and say thank you for that all.

If you get positive comments, give a heart symbol for those replies. And if you get negative comments to say thank you with perfect emoji. This way helps increase your fan base, and you will get more likes for your YouTube videos and also get comments, and shares of your videos.

10. Try to Make Q&A Videos

The world is completed surrounded by the peoples. Every person has a lot of questions, but the solutions are low. So, try to make a Q/A section. Also, it is one of the perfect ways to create a community. Ask your followers to send any questions by the comment or tweet.

By engaging your followers that will boost watch time, and subscribers count. Plus, the Q&A section increases the relationship between you and your audience.

11. Be active in the community

YouTube is all-around finding your competitor and increasing your following after inside it. Subscribe to channels that target a comparable gathering of people like you. Watch, comment, like, and share their content. Increasing the community can also help you get new viewers.

12. Work with Influencers

Choosing the best partners and working with them is also another way to develop your audience. Your partners can also help become popular with creative content when you are stuck for plans.

The golden rule on work with YouTubers is to be genuine for each other. Markable brands that reflect your personality & your audience’s requirements. Help each other and become famous.

13. Consistency

Consistency is a more important thing to improve your channel success. Create a video before you should make a plan of posting on YouTube. Keeping consistency is the best way to reach the audience.

We recommend making a series is the best plan, and you should keep consistency. The best timings for posting your videos are on weekdays in the afternoon and on weekends in the morning.

14. Make playlists

Playlists are a perfect way to get the audience, and they watch more content. That’s because these collections are maybe a little impressive. The current video ends will start the next video begins

It also helps with discoverability. Segregating the YouTube videos into playlists are mostly to display in YouTube’s suggested column on videos. And, create playlist titles with the best keywords.

15. Go live

YouTube is the perfect platform for live streaming. It is the best strategy for creating content that engages your audience. Conducting webinars, Q/A sections, and making discussions with your audience is the most standard method for your content goes viral. YouTube Live is another successful way to get inspired.

16. Add CTA options

Including CTA options in your video is the secret way to grasp your audience. Perhaps, you need to send your audience to likes, views, and share your video. Maybe they want to click through to your website. The best CTAs are always clear, compelling, and urgent.

17. Cross-promote your Channel

Reach out to viewers outside of YouTube to make a community across your channel. Determine ways to include videos into your email, blog, and newsletters.

Share your video link on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is a chance to get a ton of views and likes. More possible posts get the most traffic of your videos.


YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform. YouTube marketing strategies are the best ways to improve your channel and get massive success. Try to follow all strategies and achieve success. I hope this guide will help to enhance your channel on YouTube.

About the Author

Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet
Marketing for two years.