One of the adverse effects of kids using a smartphone is that children get easily influenced by the things people do or see. Every young child is innocent, they imitate what they see.

79% of kids that get involved in bad or irresponsible acts get influence through what they have digested from social media platforms through their phones. Also, children are more influenced by violent aggressive or promiscuous behaviour through the things they see on the internet.

However, parents or guardians cannot censor everything kids do with their phones.

1. Child addiction to phones

Recent studies have concluded that 3 out of 20 children aged 7 to 20 are addicted to different social media pages.
Some studies have also shown that children tend to become more separated from their parents, family, and friends.

2. Huge distraction from studies

In recent years some research has confirmed that the level of focus in schools at all levels has reduced over the years. Also, the idea of going through the short-cut for easy answers has been the order of the day.

Hence, the prevention of kids from using smartphones at a particular age might perhaps be the required solution to induce kids to focus on the important things of life instead of them focusing on rather unimportant things.

78 per cent of kids indulge in decadent habits like smoking, alcohol, and other stuff they see wild celebrities and artists do on social media.



3. Drives more connection between parents and the kids.

When a kid uses a smartphone, such kids tend to confide in some strangers they meet on some online forums instead of talking to parents about issues that affect them. Some research has shown that 76 per cent of kids with smartphones take decisions that touch the very root of their lives without consulting their parents.

4. Facebooking instead of reading books

For many kids who own smartphones, their new book is Facebook. They spend so much time on social media that they barely read their books. This will no doubt affect their output and performance in school. This can be clearly reflected in the recent failures recorded in national exams.

5. Early exposure to nude images

With a smartphone, children get unhindered access to nude images and watch inappropriate content online. You will not be aware of this except you check their online activities. But this will be difficult because they know how to hide these contents.

6. Sexting

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, BBM and Facebook messengers amongst others have made it easy for sexting to happen. Sexting means chatting about sex on the aforementioned instant messaging platforms. A handful of kids engaged in sexting.

7. Digital dementia

Many kids are now suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). They can only concentrate on their phones. Children can’t learn if they cannot pay attention to.

8. Early addiction

If your child is having ADD, it is time to take away that phone from them. This will help them break the addiction before it becomes uncontrollable. According to a recent study, one in 11 children aged 8-18 years are addicted to technology. You don’t want this for your child.

9. Sleep deprivation

A child who is addicted to a smartphone will deprive himself of sleep. The consequences of sleep denied is dire because it will affect their overall life cycle.

10. It is a huge temptation for the kids

The last time I asked some boys what interests them about the internet, one of the young boys was so sincere enough to tell me it was pornography sites, after some time, the rest of the boy nodded in the affirmation that porn site interests them too.

Thousands of kids are tempted to try some things they are not ready for through the use of smartphones.