important SEO checks for Nigeria webmasters
important SEO checks for Nigeria webmasters
important SEO checks for Nigeria webmasters

Every Nigeria webmasters might feel submerged from time to time due to their constant SEO to see the result of their efforts. Yet a very important fact but yet neglected in the world of SEO is the fact that SEO is indeed a long term commitment. in fact, there are no shortcuts and one must only look out for the future result. Just like a real-life battle a webmaster needs to constantly make SEO efforts to keep the ranking high.

Here are the 10 quick but Vital SEO checks Nigeria Webmasters Must do regularly.

  1. Keep unique and relevant title tags within your website
  2. Use keywords in the title tags and headings for better content optimization
  3. Keep Url as short as possible
  4. Compress and optimise images with Descriptive alternate tags
  5. Write competitive and update content frequently to maintain top possible on the SERPs
  6. Monitor and be consistent with your backlinks
  7. Ensure your websites and pages are well optimized for mobile usage
  8. set up a goal for your campaign
  9. Set SEO priorities
  10. Monitor your content through analytics

The above checks are very important for any webmaster in Nigeria to experience a better and significant result

By Haba Naija Contributor

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