IM+ Pro (paid – free trial might still be available)

IM+ Pro is an all in one instant messaging application for blackberry smartphones. Not only does it support popular instant messaging services from all around the world, but the app also supports social networking websites like Twitter.

( Screenshot of the IM+ Pro app)

Although the app currently has a price tag in BlackBerry App World, there might still have the free trial offer available for use. The app supports Skype, FaceBook, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AIM/iChat, ICQ, SNIA Weibo, Jabber, Yandex IM, and lots more IM services.

The app’s file size is 4 MB and requires BlackBerry OS 4.2.0 or higher.

PatternLock Lite (free, and paid version available)

Tafasa’s “Pattern Lock Lite” is one of the best free pattern locking applications available for BlackBerry smartphones. It brings a fun, new way to unlock the BlackBerry’s touchscreen. The user sets a pattern that will be used similarly like a password to unlock the phone’s screen. The pattern can be changed at any point in time after unlocking the phone’s screen.

( Screenshot of the pattern lock )

The full version of the application can lock individual apps on the phone, the call screen, and the device itself. While the app’s free version is limited to setting a pattern, auto-lock on startup or inactivity, the paid version provides the user with more options, such as :

  • More auto-locking options (eg. disable auto-lock when certain apps are active)
  • The ability to lock individual applications, the call screen or the entire device
  • The ability to set custom background images
  • The ability to display weather info from BerryWeather
  • The option to disable autolock while in predefined locations
  • Backup and restore options
  • Customization options for the lock screen and a theme-able lock screen using .pltheme files
  • and many more features.

The app’s file size is 210 KB and requires BlackBerry OS 4.7.0 or higher.

Grabbit (paid – free trial available)

Grabbit is a free screen capturing application for BlackBerry. The free trial will not expire after X amount of days, however, it can only be used X amount of times. To refill this count, the application can be re-downloaded Via BlackBerry App World.

The app can either grab the BlackBerry’s screen right away, or delay the time it takes to capture it. In the application, it is possible to set the delay the app takes to capture a screenshot. In settings, the user can allow the app to ask for a filename, select the screenshot’s file type (bmp, png or jpg) and set the delay time from 0 to 15 seconds.

The app’s file size is 16 KB and requires BlackBerry OS 4.5 or higher.

FaceBook (free)

FaceBook is a well known social networking website. The FaceBook application for BlackBerry allows the user to connect with their friends and family, while giving them the ability to share information on the go. The app also offers BBM integration.

The app’s file size is 4 MB and requires BlackBerry OS 4.5.0 or higher.

Advanced RAM Optimizer Free (free)

The Advanced RAM Optimizer makes it easier to optimize the performance of a BlackBerry by reclaiming unused RAM. Either run the tool right away or schedule a time for the app to do its thing. The application is recommended to have if the user experiences any screen freezes or delays.

The app’s file size is 1 MB and requires BlackBerry OS 4.6.0 or higher.

PB Task Manager (free trial that does not expire)

PB Task Manager is the best and most likely the only task managing application available for blackberry smartphones. With the app, the user can stop active apps running in the background of the phone, resulting in a faster and smoother user-experience. In addition to closing active apps, the application can view running apps (or invisible ones), clean the phone’s memory, schedule a time to clean the phone’s memory, reboot the phone without putting out its battery, and view the device’s event log.

(Screenshot of the application list in the app’s interface)

The app’s file size is 117 KB and requires BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 or higher.

Access Vuclip (free)

Vuclip’s launcher app allows the user to view videos on the Internet. Although it is unable to view videos that require an Adobe flash player, it can still play video content from most websites – including entertainment, sports, anime, news, etc.

The app’s file size is 24 KB and requires BlackBerry OS 4.2.0 or higher.

Player For YouTube (free)

The Player for YouTube app allows the user to browse, search, play, share and bookmark YouTube videos on a BlackBerry device. The app supports high quality video steaming, and the following feeds; featured, top rated, popular, most viewed and newest. 

( Youtube’s video player on blackberry )

The app’s file size is 226 KB and requires BlackBerry OS 4.6.0 or higher.

Opera Mini Web Browser (free)

The Opera Mini web browser application for BlackBerry provides its users with fast speed and a nice user interface. The browser uses Opera’s servers to compress web pages, resulting in faster loading websites. The application has its own app store which gives the user access to hundreds of add-ons and games to select from.

( Screenshot of the Opera Mini BlackBerry app )

The app’s file size is 610 KB and requires BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 or higher.

FedEx Mobile (free)

The FedEx Mobile application for BlackBerry connects the user directly to The app allows the user to access up-to-date information and track a package’s shipping progress with a tracking code provided by FedEx.

What someone can do with the mobile app :

  • Schedule a pickup
  • Find locations
  • Create a mobile shipping label
  • Ship packages and track a shipment’s status
  • Get rates and transit time information

The app’s file size is 5 KB and requires BlackBerry OS 4.5.0 or higher.

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