How Nigerians Choose International Football Club To Support

How Nigerians Choose a Club to support?
How Nigerians Choose a Club to support?

The love Nigerians have for the beautiful game of football can’t be compared to that of any other country, football is virtually the only thing that can bring about unity to the country and make us forget about the problems at hand for a while.

Back then, in the early 90’s when the Nigerian national team was a major force in African football, when ever the Super Eagles are playing the streets becomes empty, most businesses are put on hold for the duration of the game, all radio stations and TV stations bring the match to the masses live! Nobody is left out, and once the team scores there is loud shout around town.
This was when the super eagles played exciting football, in a typical attacking style from both wings with a solid defence line and a deadly striker who would bully any defence with power and pace.

This style of play by the eagles have also influenced how Nigerians pick a team to support, a team known for their use of wingers is Manchester United, which is one of the most Popular club in the world and have the largest fan base in Nigeria. Manchester United, not known to sign any African players over the years have produced some of the best Wingers in world football, which Nigerians love to see and wish the national team can replicate.

Another way Nigerians fall in love with a team, could just be presence of a fellow Nigerian in the team, we have seen this in the likes of West Brom, Arsenal, Inter Milan, AC Milan etc… Though some of these players never really replicate their club form in the National team, but that brotherly love we have and that Naija spirit make us support our blood anywhere they may play.

The most popular way some Nigerians get to become a fan of a team is the winning mentality of that team. Nigerians love to win, this is also the expectation of the National team each time they play, no matter the opposition the Super Eagles play against, fans expect them not to lose. This is clearly seen with supporters of teams like Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool Barcelona, Real Madrid.

Overall Nigerian love good football and would support any team that can entertain them.

How did you choose the team you support?

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